The Mant

The Mant


The Mant are a Xenos race discovered by the team whilst trapped in The Charnel Stars. The Mant are insectoid-like beings of high intelligence that have existed for tens of thousands of years, hidden behind the abnormal warp storm near the Kirtin Research Facility.

The team came across the Mant whilst exploring the depths of the tunnels under a mountain which was shielded from the senses of Mordechai. The Mant refer to their underground city as a Sanctuary.

The Mant seem to have differing physical traits based on their status or role in their society. They also put the longest lived members of their societies in command under the names “Many-Lived” and “Most-Lived”. All of the Mant seem to have psychic abilities of varying strength and communicate almost exclusively via psychic means.

The Mant possess the ability to transfer their minds into the bodies of others. Mant are often followed by Mant of a seemingly lesser cognitive nature so that, upon death their minds can be passed on. When a Mant mind is passed on, the new vessel for that mind quickly adapts physically to the desired form for the mind.

The history of the Mant, their planet and their relationship with the warp storm that cocoons their system is unknown. However the Most-Lived has alluded to the Mant themselves being the source of the storm and call it “The Veil”.

Notable Mant:
The Many-Lived
The Most-Lived

The Corrupted


As varied as The Mant themselves, The Corrupted are just that, corrupted versions of the Mant. The source of the Corruption and its relationship to The Corrupted is as yet unknown. However it seems to be related to the warp storm The Mant call The Veil.

All Corrupted Mant are physically deformed and seem bestial in nature. However they have retained some of their un-corrupted forms’ psychic talents.

The Mant

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