Metal Staff


Found in a sealed alcove in the floor of the Carnius Mansion’s vault. Used to weaken and defeat the beast that invaded the mansion during The Glittering Halls.

Normally looks like a basic polished metal staff that is slightly taller than a man. However when held by Mordechai the staff grows into a gleaming silver staff inlaid with small coloured gems. Colours seem to flow through the staff ’s metal work as it gracefully twists and spirals.

When transformed the staff is of clearly xenos origin as no human hands could have made such a delicate and elegant tool.

When used the staff draws power from the the psyker itself, almost having a mind of its own. Use of the staff leaves the pysker drained and even damaged if they fail to control and focus the reality twisting power of the staff.

It’s powers seem to shift and change from moment to moment but it seems to be designed to bend reality in various ways around the user. In addition beasts that come from the warp seem to be damaged or weakened simply by it’s presence.

Handed over to the Inquisition (specifically Vernetta and Violette Aversia) at the end of The Glittering Halls.

Metal Staff

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