Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

Chasing Mersini
Trail of the Terrorax

The team split up with Blur jumping into a speeder in order to chase Mersini and the rest of the group staying behind to put down the rest of the elite guards still within the mansion.

After a gruelling chase Blur managed to cut off Merini’s access to the bridge towards the starport and in desperation Mersini attempted to drive his speeder across the bay itself but unfortunately lost momentum and crashed into the water. He was able to survive the crash however and get out of the vehicle before it sank whilst under fire from Blur. He disappeared under the water, swimming away as his speeder sank into the bay with his long sword still within it.

Back at the mansion after a fierce fire fight the last of the elite guards were killed. One guard was kept alive and captured by the team and his mind probed by Mordechai. The team discovered that all the elite guards had been conditioned thoroughly and had little sense of self left within them, left only with the ability to fight and their loyalty to Mersini. Upon probing deeper into the mind of the captured guard a trap against further probing triggered cleansing the mind of the guard entirely. However Mordechai managed to pull a single memory from the guard of a Black-Bladed Knife suspended directly in front of the man’s eyes.

The Traitor Revealed
Trail of the Terrorax

The team continued to search Mersini‘s room. Mordechai brought Callidon into von Burga’s room to show him the compartment in the the statue. The room was investigated stealthily but when trying to leave von Burga’s bed chambers Mordechai was caught as von Burga awoke.

Whilst the two were explaining themselves Senisa came into the room and related the actions of the team to von Burga. von Burga was angry at the group’s methods but, after being persuaded by Callidon, admitted that the methods may have been necessary.

Callidon asked von Burga questions about the planet’s punishments for bringing the xenos threat onto the planet and then showed the music box to von Burga. von Burga then explained to the team and Senisa about his sanctuary and the music box, that it was a tribute to a departed former lover and that the beacon was engineered to be incredibly weak so as to be safe against the creatures of the warp and to only act as a guide for the spirit of his departed love.

After this von Burga ordered Senisa to cooperate with the team, stay with them and keep an eye on their antics. The team then went back to Mersini’s room where they discovered in the large metal chest a series of documents describing troop movements on the planet. The team, by testing blood samples from Senisa, von Burga and Mersini that the poison’s antidote was given to the three in different doses all at the same time, with Senisa gaining full protection and von Burga and Mersini only half protection.

This lead the team to suspect Mersini of framing Senisa. Unfortunately as Senisa went to
confront Mersini she was attacked and killed by Mersini who had awoken in the next room. Mersini called on the Elite Guards to protect him as he made his escape. The mansion turned into a fierce battle culminating in Mersini exiting the grounds via land speeder, the team in combat with the guards and Blur face-planting on the ground after mistakenly leaping off a rooftop.

Interrogations and Snooping
Trail of the Terrorax

Two hours after the interrogations began Heneil and Stone arrived at the mansion with a contingent of crew military. Blur, Mordechai and Felix went to meet them at the gates and brought them into the mansion. Felix went with Heniel and two crew to administer aid to von Burga and Mersini. After stabilizing the two of them Heniel and Felix stayed with Mersini in his quarters to watch him.

Meanwhile Mordechai took Stone and the other military crew members back to the dining room whilst Blur threatened the elite guards and scared a peasant maid in her search for the jungle youths. Callidon wished to have some of the youths brought to him in the dining room.

Unfortunately against the vast barrier that was language Blur failed to calm the kids and they fled in a panic from the servants quarters. They ran into the hallway, were cornered by Vulgrim, Stone and Blur and decided to burst out of the windows and into the grounds of the mansion in order to flee.

Blur had let off a gunshot within the servant’s quarters which stirred up the elite guards. They ordered the group to stand down as Mordechai and Callidon, accompanied by his servitor and two crew military soldiers, entered the hall. As Vulgrim ran after the kids and Blur rushed to a land speed to chase after them the rest of the team were pinned down in a stand off between the elite guards and Callidon.

Eventually both Callidon and the guards stood down. The guards then assisted in recovering
the youths from the grounds. The kids were taken to the dining room where they were forced to eat the spices that Senisa placed in the food. When they did not react Callidon, a little crest-fallen and apologetic, let Senisa, the youths and the maids (what was left of them go). Senisa was not impressed and told the guards to return to their posts, look after the servants and took the youths with her as she stormed off.

Whilst this exchange was occurring in the dining room Callidon instructed Mordechai to investigate the quarters of von Burga and Mersini. After lying his way into von Burga’s quarters Mordechai found the unconscious form of von Burga within his bed chambers. After finding a key within von Burga’s clothing he went into what seemed like a sanctuary to a female acquaintance of von Burga.

From the statue in the room Mordechai found a music box containing some keepsakes and jewellery which was the source of the small psychic signal that Callidon felt earlier. Mordechai took the box and replaced the panel on its hiding place before leaving von Burga’s quarters. Mordechai then met up with everyone within Mersini’s quarters. The team began to search Mersini’s office and bed chamber. In particular they were looking for the key to a large metal chest in his office. No key was found (even though Mordechai checked the wardrobe thoroughly).

Stone started to examine the chest to deduce how long it will take to take the lid off its hinges and lock and replace it. Callidon examined Mersini’s sword which was very fine, light and most likely of alien construction. He then identified the psychic energy coming from the music box as a very small beacon – similar to the astronomicon in that it pinpoints its area in void and warp. Mordechai then re-concealed the box on his person.

The Poisoned Dinner
Trail of the Terrorax

Callidon managed to calm things down with von Burga and Blur did not end up throwing any grenades or burst out of the windows. The team went to bed with Callidon trying to tell off Blur. He didn’t succeed.

In the morning they decided to investigate Mersini. On the way to Mersini’s quarters Callidon noticed a small psychic signature coming from the back of von Burga’s quarters. Callidon, Mordechai and Felix went to help Mersini look through Yzer‘s documents whilst asking him questions about von Burga, Senisa and himself. Callidon then went to ask von Burga questions before returning the the group in Mersini’s offices. Unfortunately searching the papers didn’t turn up anything useful.

Meanwhile Blur and Vulgrim tried to talk to the guards. They started with the Elite Guards but got nowhere – the guards were not talkative. Then they went to the regular guard house and after producing some Amasec they were able to get the guards talking about shipments in and out of the mansion. Nothing strange however seemed to be going in and out of the mansion. The guards said that everything else on the planet went through the Warehouse District. Vulgrim also got completely drunk from a single glass of alcohol.

Blur then left and took Vulgrim back to the house, deposited him into the maids’ care and then went with the other’s to dinner.

At dinner all those present seemed to be poisoned. Mersini and von Burga were rendered
unconscious and taken to their rooms whilst everyone else seemed to be able to fight off the poison – except for Mordechai. The team called for Heniel and Stone and various other members of their crew to join them on the planet.

Vulgrim then interrogated Senisa about the poisoning as she was the only one seemingly unaffected. At the same time Mordechai broke the mind of one of the maids and delved her memories. Senisa told them that she had no knowledge of the poison and that she added some tribal spices to the food right before it was given to them.

The maid’s memories showed her cooking and tasting the food right up until the point where Senisa added the spices before serving the food to the team. The maid also gave up memories about cleaning von Burga’s bedroom and there being another side door in the room which is always locked.

A Meeting of Minds
Trail of the Terrorax

The team returned to mansion where they were happily received by Manfred von Burga. von Burga, Senisa and Mersini were told about the events in the jungle and the Terrorax. von Burga immediately ordered the jungle area fire-bombed to be sure that the Terrorax would be destroyed. He then asked the team to help Mersini with his investigations into how the Terrorax came to Ritammeron.

The team were suspicious as well and agreed whilst splitting up to snoop around the mansion.

Blur eventually joined the team during dinner.

Mersini and the team went to the Harbour Master Yzer and collected documents on all of the shipments that had recently entered Ritammeon. Mersini left the team to study these documents in his study.

Callidon and Felix distracted von Burga whilst the others tried to break into Senisa’s quarters but they were caught. Callidon managed to smooth it over.

Later on Vulgrim, Mordechai and Blur tried to get one of the kids away from Senisa so that they could psychically persuade the kids to like them and answer their questions. Unfortunately this didn’t work and Mordechai and one of the children ended up swapping minds causing a huge commotion in the process. von Burga ended up threatening the group with house arrest which Blur reacted badly to.

Blur's Escape

Blur managed to extract herself, her scout bike and the aquila lander safely from the jungle and arrived back at the mansion a number of hours after the rest of the team. The details of her exploits are known only to Blur.

The Terror of the Xenos

In spite of the increasing darkness the team continued and came across a wide clearing in the jungle. The jungle here seemed unnaturally quiet. The team was able to discover a passage below the bush in the area to an old cave. Inside the cave was Senisa and the remaining members of the tribe that she had been working with.

They recalled how the tribe was suddenly beset by huge xenos beasts and that they were pinned down where they are. It was then that the xenos attacked the party. Blur identified the xenos species as the Terrorax which were not indigenous to Ritammeron. Callidon called in for Tobias Kain to pick them up where they were instead of travelling back to the aquila lander. Blur then defied orders and abandoned the team to race towards the lander to salvage it.

The team fought a tense battle with the cunning and well camouflaged Terrorax but were eventually successful in extracting themselves and most of the tribe’s remaining people as well as Senisa into the gun-cutter. Vulgrim also cut off the arm of one Terrorax to take it with them.

The team then travelled back to Manfred von Burga to deliver Senisa and report back their findings.

Exploring the Jungle

Upon travelling to the mountainous jungle area that Senisa was sent to the team choose a landing spot in one of the clearings and started to explore the area. Blur set off on her own using her scout bike whist the rest of the team start to explore as well.

The on-foot team found a number of primates watching them from the trees whilst Blur encountered a stampede of wild boars. Fortunately before being trampled the team was able to turn or kill all of the beasts. The primates were pretty upset from all the fighting. They were even more annoyed when the team tried to shake them out of the trees.

Blur set off again by herself and was attacked by some very aggressive hornets and rusted and destroyed servitors that had somehow become stuck in the jungle. However she turned back and drove through these obstacles again in order to come to the aid of the on-foot team that had become ensnared in a carnivorous and seductive plant.

The team then stayed together and found a clearing with interesting large cats within it. Their coats were well camouflaged and seemed to shift and blend into the background of the bush at will. However as the team decided to attack or approach the cats the adult versions of the cats attacked. Some of the cats managed to escape but three of the adults were killed, two of which with minimal damage to the fur.

The team stopped to rest and cooked and ate some of the cat meat from their hunt as evening set in.

To Ritammeron

Whilst exiting the mansion Manfred von Burga talked to the team. He offered the team a delivery job to one of his colonies in the Charnel Stars when they had sufficiently recovered from the attack in the mansion. First the team would be able to rest in luxury on his planet of Ritammeron until the delivery could take place. The team accepted this proposal and left the mansion to recuperate.

After spending some weeks resting and restocking equipment the team was introduced to the new major crew members of the restored The Hand of the Emperor. The crew members consisted of:

Zaddion The new captain of the Hand of the Emperor. An imposing man with an eye patch. Zaddion was originally part of Hadarak Fel’s crew.

Kaltos Benetek The navigator of the Hand of the Emperor. A very tall but young man who seems to be very nervous and twitchy at times. He talks extremely quickly and is a cousin of Callidon.

Tobias Kain The pilot and voidmaster of the Hand.

Xanthia A quiet and reserved astropath.

Lupa The Hand’s resident Tech-Priest.

After the team met the crew of the Hand they left Godwinne on Footfall to be their contact and set off for Ritammeron. The passage to Ritammeron was short and uneventful due to the detailed prima that von Burga had gifted the team with.

After travelling over the surface of the beautiful Ritammeron the team finally arrived at Manfred von Burga’s mansion. The team were brought into Manfred’s conservatory and were settled with food, drink and music whilst Manfred introduced Mersini Lokinnox his aid. Manfred said he was looking forward to the delivery the team would be making to the Charnel Stars colony, but that he would be unable to send the team on the delivery at that time.

Manfred governs the planet of Ritammeron over a primitive peasant community. However von Burga’s second aid and mediator between von Burga and the people of the planet, Senisa, had gone missing.

Senisa was sent to convince a group of peasants to relinquish a patch of jungle within the mountains so that the jungle can be cleared for mining. She hadn’t returned and von Burga was concerned for her safety.

von Burga had previously sent small groups of people and servitors hoping to find Senisa in the jungle area but none of those groups have returned either. At this rate the jungle may have to be destroyed whilst Senisa may still be alive inside. von Burga has offered the team a mercantile partnership if the team manage to go into the jungle and return Senisa to him.

The team steeled themselves for a long trek through the remote jungle region of Ritammeron.

The Staff and the Inqusition
The Glittering Halls

The team proceeded into the final room of the wing and found what must have been Malcore Carnius’s private room and study. They activated the goblet and then began to exit the wing. They were tipped off by the caged mutants that Candice Papillo was involved with their capture and transfer to the mansion.

The team headed towards the library, the last of the goblets to activate. They discovered a large growth of thorny and thick plants blocking the way to the room which the team started to clear manually. Meanwhile Vulgrim began to explore more of that area of the building and unfortunately found the beast. The team were successful however in safely entering the library.

Within the library they found a number of similarly cast goblets and had to determine which of the goblets was the correct one to activate. After searching the library the team came across a number of hidden books and parchments detailing Malcore’s discovering of an unknown xenos artifact from Cinerus Maleficum which seemed like “it had almost a mind of its own”. They also chronicle Malcore’s descent into madness and his experimentation on the people that the Papillos provided for him.

After activating the right goblet the team returned to the armoury to discover this artifact. The goblets pulled back the lid of the recess in the ground to show a rather ordinary looking metal staff. However upon Mordechai holding the staff it morphed in appearance growing in length and silver in colour and holding a number of gems at its head, colours flowing through the metal as its shaft gracefully twists and spirals.

The xenos staff draws power from the user when a psyker tries to bend its power to their command. The staff seemed to bend reality when used although damaging and draining to the user. However the staff seemed to abhor the beast that was brought from the warp and by merely being in its presence the beast’s restorative and protective powers were removed. The team were then finally able to destroy the beast.

After the fight concluded the Inquisition finally broke through into the mansion with Footfall’s planetary forces. These forces were under the command of Lor Inquisitor Vernetta Aversia and her sister Violette Aversia. All the remaining guests and staff were corralled in the main hall to await interrogation and questioning from the Inquisition.

The team told the Aversia sisters about everything that had transpired during the beast’s incursion. They spoke of the mutants and of Candice’s involvement with their creation. Vernetta immediately ordered the complete eradication of all the mutants and used her incredibly strong psychic powers to probe Candice’s mind to discover the truth.

Callidon then opted to hand over the xenos staff to the Inquisition. They were sceptical of its xenos roots however due to the fact that out of Mordechai’s hands it had since reverted to its original drab appearance.

The Inquisition was then satisfied with the team’s innocence in the events, or at least satisfied enough to allow the team to depart and return to their ship.

Rapture was allowed to remain unknown to the Inquisition by the team and slipped away from the Carnius mansion.


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