Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

Sinking like a Fleshy Stone
Behind the Veil

After patching themselves up the best they could the team flew on towards their mountain destination. Upon arriving at the mysterious mountain that only Mordechai seemed unable to see the group decided to test whether the mountain was real or an illusion. Vulgrim used the gun-cutter’s guns to see whether the ordinance would impact with the mountain’s side, and to practise his writing skills.

The rounds did impact with the mountain but Mordechai was still unable to see it. However as the dust from the mountain side blew away from the rock and floated away from the mountain Mordechai was able to spot it, appearing as if from nowhere. From this the team realized that there was some kind of barrier or shell around the entire mountain that was preventing Mordechai from perceiving it.

Whilst surveying the mountain the group saw a prominent opening in the base of the mountain and landed to investigate it. Callidon and Mordechai stayed behind on the landed ships whilst the away team, made up of Vulgrim, Kuurahn, Octavius and Callidon’s Servitor, descended into the caves. As the team crossed the threshold of the mountain’s barrier Mordechai became unable to perceive them as well.

Shortly after entering the cave it became clear to the away team and the lander team that comm-bead communication had become blocked by the barrier.

The away team continued into the cave system. As they went deeper the cave began to split in multiple directions, lit only by the light of Kuurahn’s Servo Skull. The team came across a deep chasm blocking one their paths. The team decided not to attempt the dangerous vault over the gap and continue down another direction.

The team realized that their chosen path was desperately unstable, perhaps in part due to the new “V” on the side of the mountain. Fortunately the team sustained little injury passing through as the servitor was the only member unlucky enough to cause a localized cave-in. Less fortunate were the crew military sent to dig the servitor out as one of them caused another group of rock to fall, killing him instantly.

Once past the unstable section of the caves the group encountered a underground pool. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding of commands, the servitor walked straight through the shallow area of the pool and plummeted straight down to the bottom of the pool. Whilst the team tried to find a way to help the servitor out of the water Kuurahn also slipped in, which was a more troubling problem as Kuurahn could actually drown.

With the servitor’s help the team managed pull Kuurahn out of the water, but it became clear that the servitor itself would take much longer to climb out due to its bulk and weight. The team had also noticed ripples on the otherwise still water coming from a far off area of the pond, whose source had been travelling closer slowly over time.

Instead of waiting for the servitor to climb out Vulgrim commanded it to walk around the walls of the bottom of the pool and find its way to the other side. Unfortunately whilst it travelled to the other side the servitor was waylaid by an unseen obstacle and the team lost contact with it.

After waiting for 10 minutes to see whether it would emerge from the depths the away team turned around and walked back out of the mountain to report the loss of the servitor to Callidon and their investigation into the caves.

Callidon was not best pleased.

Whilst the team explained the situation in the cave to Callidon, Mordechai attempted to traverse the barrier through willpower alone. Unfortunately the strength of wrongness coming from the barrier was too much for Mordechai alone. The desire to turn around and flee from the barrier was even enough for Mordechai to physically overpower Vulgrim as he attempted to force Mordechai through.

However with the dubious charm of Octavius and the more helpful goading of Callidon, Mordechai was successful in his second attempt to travel through the barrier. Upon moving through the barrier Mordechai was finally able to see the mountain as the others were able to. It also became clear to the group that the corruption of the closed area of space was removed or lessened whilst within the barrier protecting the mountain.

The team travelled through the caves together from then on. When the group came to the chasm the away team encountered before Mordechai was able to discern that across the gap there was a weak and strange area of the cave walls. However the team decided to attempt to find Callidon’s servitor before crossing it and so walked into the unstable area of the cave again.

Whilst the servitor was not there to collapse the cave, its master Callidon, was more than capable of doing the same. Thanks to Callidon’s personal force-shield he was unharmed and was quickly rescued from the falling rocks. However the path back to the landers was now blocked and with it the mechanic and military crew that the team had brought with them. The team was on their own.

Pressing onwards the team managed to return to the point where they lost the servitor. Callidon, with the help of Kuurahn, was able to find the servitor further back in the pool, and discern that it was currently being held underwater by something big and hostile.

Callidon then ordered Vulgrim to leave his gear behind and swim gently across the pool to the other side. Vulgrim did so and the Servo Skull accompanied him across the pool. They arrived on the other side untouched and explored the caves beyond. They found in the depths of the cave a large metal door inset into cave walls. Following the cave around further Vulgrim found himself within the unstable section of the caves, discovering another way around the pool. Unfortunately at the same time that Vulgrim passed through the tunnel he caused yet another cave in sealing the newly found path.

After returning, still wet, to the group Vulgrim described the now blocked path around the pool. Callidon, still wishing to rescue his trapped servitor (to save money and face), commanded Vulgrim to again swim out, this time towards the churning waters where the servitor seemed to be in battle with whatever had snatched it.

Vulgrim again swam across the waters safely and discovered another path leading from the far side of the pool up into a tunnel. At the end of that tunnel he discovered a weak area of the rock wall and decided to push against it. With his mighty strength he caved in the wall and found himself in a worked stone room, clearly originally built by intelligent beings.

The walls were partially covered in an alien moss, which on closer inspection showed signs of ancient cut marks, regrown over time. On the floor of the room lay a number of desiccated and seemingly ancient insectoid creatures.

Returning to the far side of the lake Vulgrim watched as the rest of the team made the wet crossing over the pool. Octavius and Kuurahan made it across safely. However both Mordechai and Callidon were swiped at by a large creature from under the water. Once the team was safely on the shore, Kurrahn used his shock staff to electrify the water. The servitor was able to break free of whatever held it and the team could see the ripples on the water move away from the bank.

At length the servitor was able to pull itself out of the water and was reunited with the team. Badly damaged, Callidon ordered Kuurahn to attempt to fix what he could of the servitor and gain as much knowledge about the beast that had held it from its memory circuits. The creature was revealed to be a great serpentine insectoid that had wrapped its body around the servitor and dragged it away. They had remained entangled, fighting each other until the servitor was rescued.

With the team back together they entered into the room that Vulgrim had discovered and began to investigate it. The first thing they noticed was that the door to the room was locked, but from their side…

Survivors in the Sand
Behind the Veil

Whilst flying towards one of the strange “invisible” mountains that the team had spotted surrounding the ruined alien city the team noticed a cone of smoke and flame rising from the desert. The smoke almost directly in the path of the gun-cutter and aquila lander.

As the team approached they recognised source of the smoke and fire from a downed ship, wrecked amongst the rocks and sand. Upon further study two survivors of the crash were found. The team landed and, with a portion of their military force, exited their crafts and met with the survivors.

The survivors were the missionary Octavius Perie and the explorator Kuurahn. As the two groups started to become acquainted with each other they were suddenly attacked from under the sand as large headless insectoids burst up to the surface.

Stone, who was attempting to salvage parts from the downed ship, was pinned and flanked by two of the creatures that almost tore him apart and caused him to vomit continuously in fear. It did not end well for the inside of his gas mask.

After the team fought off their surprise and fear they started to fight their way back towards the lander and gun-cutter, each step bringing with it the possibility of a new attack. However, despite the number of the creatures and their deadly maws the team were able to extract themselves safely from the situation, only losing a few military crew members in the process and decimating the creatures in the process.

In addition, thanks to Kurrahn’s in-built sensors, the team was able to destroy the more deadly insects lying in wait for the team before they even managed to surface.

Back within the relative safety of skies of the alien planet the new and expanded team catches their breath and attempts to recover some of their strength before this seemingly hostile planet puts them in peril again.

The Beckoning
Behind the Veil

After leaving Kirtin for the Venturer Callidon managed to calm Bo’en and explain to him his plans. Bo’en, with no means of following the group, grudgingly accepted the disappearance of Lanni whilst soliciting the team’s protection of his daugther.

The team prepared to jump into the warp in order to travel to the abandoned research outpost nearer to the warp storms.

However on approaching the expected exit point from the warp the ship mysteriously failed to disengage its warp drives and began to increase in speed. The team frantically organized the crew of the Venturer to disengage the warp drive by whatever means necessary. Whilst the engineers worked tirelessly to remove the power couplings to the drives manually Vulgrim and Felix managed to successfully calm and control the rest of the ship’s crew. Mordechai and Callidon tried to discern the nature of the storm as it crept closer and closer and attempted to find alternative safe exit points from the warp. Blur tried, without success to wrest control back from the ship.

At the eleventh hour despite the valiant (and sometimes extra-ordinary) efforts of the team and the crew the ship struck the warp storm head on.

After some quick navigating and steering from Callidon and Felix the Venturer was able to pass safely through the storm, whilst being badly shaken and many of the crew injured or unconscious. The Venturer then left the warp and entered unknown space.

The Venturer had passed miraculously through the storm and discovered that the it had a hollow centre. Within that space were a number of planets the closest of which drew the attention of the team as it was the source of a stronger level of psychic energy than the rest of the surrounding area.

Upon approaching the planet the team discovered it to be an arid, desert and rock filled planet. It’s defining features were a large sprawling ruined city surrounded by strange capsule shaped mountains.

The team noticed that Mordechai was unable to see some of the mountains that were showing up on their scanners whilst flying over the city in their Aquila Lander and Guncutter. The team decided to investigate the mountains.

On their way there they were attacked by a giant insectoid creature that had incredibly strong psychic abilities. The team stayed out of harm’s way however and managed to dispatch the creature with the superior ordinance of their aircraft.

The team is about to continue towards the strange “invisible” mountains.

Moving up in the Expanse
Behind the Veil

As soon as Felix notified von Burga of Mersini’s treachery all outbound travel from Ritammeron was banned, including the Stalwart Venturer and the Hand of the Emperor.

In lieu of such a disaster at his mansion von Burga politely asked the team to leave the mansion and, in spite of travel ban, the team was given special privilege to return to their spaceship under the condition that the spaceship would not leave Ritammeron until given notice.

About a week after Mersini’s flight the Inquisition arrived upon the planet. They met with the team briefly in order to get the explorer’s version of events and were since closeted with von Burga.

During the month since their departure from the mansion the team had been idle upon their ship. During this time the team became engaged with their own personal pursuits except for Felix and Vulgrim. Felix tried to contact von Burga and Ritammeron often in order to secure their release from the travel ban but was unsuccessful in his attempts. Meanwhile Vulgrim took the time to start whipping the crew of the Venturer in to better shape.

After the month had passed the ship was suddenly visited by von Burga himself who explained that his absence in communication was due to investigations of the Inquisition and the responsibility of running Ritammeron without the help of his two aids. von Burga was noticeably dishevelled and seemingly spread thin on this task.

von Burga however did produce a Contract of Favour and partnership for the team to consider. After reading the clauses and finding them fully in the team’s favour the team questioned why von Burga was willing to give them so much support.

von Burga’s response was that they were the only team he felt he could rely on and that the events of Ritammeron and Trail of the Terrorax, particularly the death of Senisa, had given him a desire to see the Circle of Knives and Mersini destroyed. The team, having already proved themselves capable and with one link to the Circle already were the only choice of partnering.

With the signing of this contract the team was gifted a number of items:

  • Felix received Mersini’s Longsword and the White-Bladed Knife that marked him as a Circle of Knives member.
  • Callidon received a small Psycrystal Charm.
  • Vulgrim received a cloak made from the Cat Skins he collected from the jungles of Ritammeron.
  • Mordechai received an ornate Hellpistol with inbuilt scope from von Burga’s personal collection of armaments.
  • Blur received a Ripper Pistol but with very limited ammunition.
  • The team as a whole also received Acquisitions of Good Auspexes and Advanced Medikits.

After this von Burga gave the team leave to travel onwards as the ban has now been lifted over Ritammeron (although heavy security is still present). The lifting of the ban was due to the lack of leads towards Mersini and the Circle of Knives and that Ritammeron and its colonies rely on goods coming in and out of the system to survive.

Due to these lack of resources in his colonies von Burga asked the team whether they would allow him to use The Hand of the Emperor to transport large quantities of necessary freight to a mining colony and The Stalwart Venturer to take a delicate and small auger array to a research facility on Kirtin a planet nearby the Charnel Stars. The auger array has been specially designed to be powerful enough to pierce the abnormal warp storms within that region.

The team agreed to the use of their ships in this way and gave commands to both ships to get underway as soon as possible.

The trip to Kirtin was uneventful excepting some strange dreams.

Upon arriving at Kirtin the team were able to see in person the terrible warp storms of the Charnel Stars, so powerful that they can be seen in void space with ease.

Within the Kirtin facility the team met with Bo’en, the head of the facility and his daughter Lanni. Lanni and Stone worked together to install the new auger array which then Lanni and Bo’en used to survey the storms. After some time they managed to discern that there was a hint of stable structure within the storm – seemingly planets. This should be impossible as planets within warp storms are usually destroyed by the chaotic forces or, more disconcertingly, moved about within the storm. This suggests that the storm maybe in fact a shell or hollow which should be impossible by the changeable nature of storms.

However the researchers were unable to get stronger readings on this phenomena as the new auger array was still not powerful enough. Lanni suggested that they move the auger array to a closer outpost to the storm which was vehemently forbidden by her father.

When questioned Lanni explained that before she was born the outpost was the original research facility but it was suddenly enveloped by the Charnel Stars’ storm and thus abandoned. As far as Lanni knows the storm’s range has not changed that severely since.

Lanni then proposed to the team that they move the array themselves in secret to which the team, after some discussion agreed to. With Lanni and Stone’s quick mechanical skills the team were able to take the array back onto the Venturer with Lanni and exit the facility just as Bo’en became aware of this.

The crew have now begun to settle into and plan for their risky trip to the abandoned research outpost in the hopes that the data they collect from there will allow the region to be finally charted and allow them to have first claim on the worlds found beyond the Charnel Stars.

Chasing Mersini
Trail of the Terrorax

The team split up with Blur jumping into a speeder in order to chase Mersini and the rest of the group staying behind to put down the rest of the elite guards still within the mansion.

After a gruelling chase Blur managed to cut off Merini’s access to the bridge towards the starport and in desperation Mersini attempted to drive his speeder across the bay itself but unfortunately lost momentum and crashed into the water. He was able to survive the crash however and get out of the vehicle before it sank whilst under fire from Blur. He disappeared under the water, swimming away as his speeder sank into the bay with his long sword still within it.

Back at the mansion after a fierce fire fight the last of the elite guards were killed. One guard was kept alive and captured by the team and his mind probed by Mordechai. The team discovered that all the elite guards had been conditioned thoroughly and had little sense of self left within them, left only with the ability to fight and their loyalty to Mersini. Upon probing deeper into the mind of the captured guard a trap against further probing triggered cleansing the mind of the guard entirely. However Mordechai managed to pull a single memory from the guard of a Black-Bladed Knife suspended directly in front of the man’s eyes.

The Traitor Revealed
Trail of the Terrorax

The team continued to search Mersini‘s room. Mordechai brought Callidon into von Burga’s room to show him the compartment in the the statue. The room was investigated stealthily but when trying to leave von Burga’s bed chambers Mordechai was caught as von Burga awoke.

Whilst the two were explaining themselves Senisa came into the room and related the actions of the team to von Burga. von Burga was angry at the group’s methods but, after being persuaded by Callidon, admitted that the methods may have been necessary.

Callidon asked von Burga questions about the planet’s punishments for bringing the xenos threat onto the planet and then showed the music box to von Burga. von Burga then explained to the team and Senisa about his sanctuary and the music box, that it was a tribute to a departed former lover and that the beacon was engineered to be incredibly weak so as to be safe against the creatures of the warp and to only act as a guide for the spirit of his departed love.

After this von Burga ordered Senisa to cooperate with the team, stay with them and keep an eye on their antics. The team then went back to Mersini’s room where they discovered in the large metal chest a series of documents describing troop movements on the planet. The team, by testing blood samples from Senisa, von Burga and Mersini that the poison’s antidote was given to the three in different doses all at the same time, with Senisa gaining full protection and von Burga and Mersini only half protection.

This lead the team to suspect Mersini of framing Senisa. Unfortunately as Senisa went to
confront Mersini she was attacked and killed by Mersini who had awoken in the next room. Mersini called on the Elite Guards to protect him as he made his escape. The mansion turned into a fierce battle culminating in Mersini exiting the grounds via land speeder, the team in combat with the guards and Blur face-planting on the ground after mistakenly leaping off a rooftop.

Interrogations and Snooping
Trail of the Terrorax

Two hours after the interrogations began Heneil and Stone arrived at the mansion with a contingent of crew military. Blur, Mordechai and Felix went to meet them at the gates and brought them into the mansion. Felix went with Heniel and two crew to administer aid to von Burga and Mersini. After stabilizing the two of them Heniel and Felix stayed with Mersini in his quarters to watch him.

Meanwhile Mordechai took Stone and the other military crew members back to the dining room whilst Blur threatened the elite guards and scared a peasant maid in her search for the jungle youths. Callidon wished to have some of the youths brought to him in the dining room.

Unfortunately against the vast barrier that was language Blur failed to calm the kids and they fled in a panic from the servants quarters. They ran into the hallway, were cornered by Vulgrim, Stone and Blur and decided to burst out of the windows and into the grounds of the mansion in order to flee.

Blur had let off a gunshot within the servant’s quarters which stirred up the elite guards. They ordered the group to stand down as Mordechai and Callidon, accompanied by his servitor and two crew military soldiers, entered the hall. As Vulgrim ran after the kids and Blur rushed to a land speed to chase after them the rest of the team were pinned down in a stand off between the elite guards and Callidon.

Eventually both Callidon and the guards stood down. The guards then assisted in recovering
the youths from the grounds. The kids were taken to the dining room where they were forced to eat the spices that Senisa placed in the food. When they did not react Callidon, a little crest-fallen and apologetic, let Senisa, the youths and the maids (what was left of them go). Senisa was not impressed and told the guards to return to their posts, look after the servants and took the youths with her as she stormed off.

Whilst this exchange was occurring in the dining room Callidon instructed Mordechai to investigate the quarters of von Burga and Mersini. After lying his way into von Burga’s quarters Mordechai found the unconscious form of von Burga within his bed chambers. After finding a key within von Burga’s clothing he went into what seemed like a sanctuary to a female acquaintance of von Burga.

From the statue in the room Mordechai found a music box containing some keepsakes and jewellery which was the source of the small psychic signal that Callidon felt earlier. Mordechai took the box and replaced the panel on its hiding place before leaving von Burga’s quarters. Mordechai then met up with everyone within Mersini’s quarters. The team began to search Mersini’s office and bed chamber. In particular they were looking for the key to a large metal chest in his office. No key was found (even though Mordechai checked the wardrobe thoroughly).

Stone started to examine the chest to deduce how long it will take to take the lid off its hinges and lock and replace it. Callidon examined Mersini’s sword which was very fine, light and most likely of alien construction. He then identified the psychic energy coming from the music box as a very small beacon – similar to the astronomicon in that it pinpoints its area in void and warp. Mordechai then re-concealed the box on his person.

The Poisoned Dinner
Trail of the Terrorax

Callidon managed to calm things down with von Burga and Blur did not end up throwing any grenades or burst out of the windows. The team went to bed with Callidon trying to tell off Blur. He didn’t succeed.

In the morning they decided to investigate Mersini. On the way to Mersini’s quarters Callidon noticed a small psychic signature coming from the back of von Burga’s quarters. Callidon, Mordechai and Felix went to help Mersini look through Yzer‘s documents whilst asking him questions about von Burga, Senisa and himself. Callidon then went to ask von Burga questions before returning the the group in Mersini’s offices. Unfortunately searching the papers didn’t turn up anything useful.

Meanwhile Blur and Vulgrim tried to talk to the guards. They started with the Elite Guards but got nowhere – the guards were not talkative. Then they went to the regular guard house and after producing some Amasec they were able to get the guards talking about shipments in and out of the mansion. Nothing strange however seemed to be going in and out of the mansion. The guards said that everything else on the planet went through the Warehouse District. Vulgrim also got completely drunk from a single glass of alcohol.

Blur then left and took Vulgrim back to the house, deposited him into the maids’ care and then went with the other’s to dinner.

At dinner all those present seemed to be poisoned. Mersini and von Burga were rendered
unconscious and taken to their rooms whilst everyone else seemed to be able to fight off the poison – except for Mordechai. The team called for Heniel and Stone and various other members of their crew to join them on the planet.

Vulgrim then interrogated Senisa about the poisoning as she was the only one seemingly unaffected. At the same time Mordechai broke the mind of one of the maids and delved her memories. Senisa told them that she had no knowledge of the poison and that she added some tribal spices to the food right before it was given to them.

The maid’s memories showed her cooking and tasting the food right up until the point where Senisa added the spices before serving the food to the team. The maid also gave up memories about cleaning von Burga’s bedroom and there being another side door in the room which is always locked.

A Meeting of Minds
Trail of the Terrorax

The team returned to mansion where they were happily received by Manfred von Burga. von Burga, Senisa and Mersini were told about the events in the jungle and the Terrorax. von Burga immediately ordered the jungle area fire-bombed to be sure that the Terrorax would be destroyed. He then asked the team to help Mersini with his investigations into how the Terrorax came to Ritammeron.

The team were suspicious as well and agreed whilst splitting up to snoop around the mansion.

Blur eventually joined the team during dinner.

Mersini and the team went to the Harbour Master Yzer and collected documents on all of the shipments that had recently entered Ritammeon. Mersini left the team to study these documents in his study.

Callidon and Felix distracted von Burga whilst the others tried to break into Senisa’s quarters but they were caught. Callidon managed to smooth it over.

Later on Vulgrim, Mordechai and Blur tried to get one of the kids away from Senisa so that they could psychically persuade the kids to like them and answer their questions. Unfortunately this didn’t work and Mordechai and one of the children ended up swapping minds causing a huge commotion in the process. von Burga ended up threatening the group with house arrest which Blur reacted badly to.

Blur's Escape

Blur managed to extract herself, her scout bike and the aquila lander safely from the jungle and arrived back at the mansion a number of hours after the rest of the team. The details of her exploits are known only to Blur.


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