Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

Discovery of The Righteous Path
Into the Maw

After their ship was repaired and the team was ready The Stalwart Venturer set off towards Magoros in the hopes of reaching the system before Hadarak Fel. Due to the Navis Prima the crew’s passage to the system was unmarred by events.

Once the team entered the Magoros system they scanned the system for clues as to the location of The Righteous Path. There was no sign of Hadarak in the system.

Eventually the team came across a strange structure inhabiting a huge set of maze-like ruins. On their way to the structure the team fell foul of a roving band of Orks. The team defended themselves admirably, grenades to Felix’s face notwithstanding, and continued on into the structure.

The structure was clearly a xenos creation, unsettling and grand, as if standing in a sea of lights. The air was alive with images spinning and dancing around the team’s heads depicting areas of Magoros which seemed to show not only the present but the past. Callidon volunteered to attempt to sort through the images in order to find clues about the Path’s location and managed to find it sealed away in the system’s icy asteroid belt.

The Circle's Hideout
Adventures in Footfall

The team drove towards the hideout in their speeders. Unfortunately due to the events in the gang’s warehouse the Circle of Knives’ seemed to be aware of the team’s movements. On the way to the hideout a number of snipers and speeders attempted to take down the team. Fortunately due to the team’s marksmanship and driving they made it through, with only minimal collateral damaged.

The team arrived at night at the gang’s hideout and made there way inside. They silently took down a number of guards and gang scum without being detected. Eventually an alarmed was raised but the team managed (somehow) to convince the leader of the thieves and smugglers that nothing was amiss.

Eventually the team split in two. One half found the leader of the smugglers, Dolovian, who preceded to engage them in combat. In another room of the hideout / black market auction house Mordechai found the thieves’ store room of items to be sold off in the near future. Within this room there was a large xenos creature in a tank.

After some ill advised mind probing the team were forced to put down both Dolovian and the xenos monster whilst Mordechai set a few land speed records. Dolovian’s death allowed the team to fully explore the hideout and recover his Blue-Bladed Knife from his grasp. After defeating everyone left in the hideout the team acquired the Navis Prima and headed back to their ship.

Search for the Navis Prima
Adventures in Footfall

Upon arriving in Footfall The Stalwart Venturer‘s crew began repairs on the ship after the damaged sustained in the raid of The Penitent Traveller. The team decided to explore Footfall, looking for a lead to a Navis Prima of Winterscale’s Realm which would make travelling to the Magoros system much less dangerous.

The team found information about a merchant of starmaps that supposedly had the map they required. However when the team arrived at the merchant’s emporium they found the shop ransacked and the merchant killed. Fortunately the team spotted a shadowy person suddenly move away from the emporium as they exited the building. The team tailed the person and eventually grabbed them.

The person turned out to be a young man who was simply fleeing from the team’s sight. Once interrogated, and one broken arm later, the boy directed them to a warehouse on the other side of Footfall that he expected the gang to take the merchant’s goods to.

The team travelled to the dimly lit industrial area of Footfall to the suggested warehouse. The team proceeded to sneak into the warehouse and dispatch a number of gang members before being exposed.

The warehouse was soon a chaotic firefight as the control room was blown out by flames and hallucinogenic grenades drove members of the team and enemies to be confused and afraid.

When the firefight was over the flamer who created the commotion was introduced to the team as Stone. The team brought Stone onto their team as a mechanic. Stone offered to guide the team to the thieves’ hideout. Stone identified the gang as the Circle of Knives.

The Race for Magoros Begins!
Into the Maw

Upon arrival to Port Wander you came into contact with Orbest Dray, and old voidfarer who was entrusted with the mnemolith device capable of pointing the way to The Righteous Path. You were attacked when meeting Orbest by a woman and her bodyguards. After fighting them off you briefly talked with the sergeant of the Adeptus Arbites in Port Wander before returning to The Stalwart Venturer.

Upon returning to the ship you talked with your Chirugeon Heneil, who is usually accompanied by his Servo-Skull.

You then saw a ship leaving the port with haste. The ship was identified as belonging to Hadarak Fel – another Rogue Trader. It’s likely that the attack came from him and is racing towards the system seen in the mnemolith in an attempt to beat your team there.

Before leaving you had to find the location of the system you saw in the mnemolith. To do this you went to a Scrivener named Journ in Port Wander’s “Chambers of Gold”. He told you the location and name of the system (Magoros) in return for transporting his cargo of semi-heretical texts to Footfall.

Whilst in transit to Footfall you were attacked by two Wolfpack Raiders using the pilgrimage ship The Penitent Traveller as a trap. You decided to bring the remaining survivors of the attack with you to Footfall in return for some brownie points.


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