Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

Trailers and Disguises
What Once Was

The frenzied fight continued between the team and the group of guards. The team savagely fought back against them. Mordechai lopped off the leg of an attacker in one swipe whilst Callidon was able to utterly destroy the torso of another. Whilst Octavius was forced to quickly reload his weaponry, Vulgrim stole the limbs from his opponent. Finally, with Callidon pinning down the guards and Tolica exploding the transport craft the fight was over. The team were victorious.

Whilst Octavius set about rousing Kuurahn Mordechai investigated the trailers. The trailers are empty containers ready to be filled with the product of the hamlet. After Tolica brought in the rest of the Blood Bullets to occupy the village the team hatched a plan.

The team would move on via a reasonable indirect route towards Ritammeron city. They coerced one of the villagers into becoming their guide along the trails. The guide, Ethelbert, was given over to the team by the villagers, at Ethelbert’s protest. The team, after loading up the remains of the gun drones into the trailers, set out for the city.

During the drive Ethelbert was able to correctly show the team the best routes to take to avoid detection, leading to a safe drive. During the drive Kuurahn manages to salvage the parts from the gun drone, putting together a new single drone from the remains. Whilst the team at large recover over the course of their trip, Kuurahn refuses the offer of healing from Octavius.

As the team approach the city they continue the stages of their plan. The Blood Bullets place their main forces next to the bridge between Ritammeron city and the starport in order to block any forces coming from the city as they take control of the port. A small number of Bullets and the team, hidden in the trailers, then approached the starport in an attempt to take it over stealthily and bring in Commodore Viri Fortissimi to back them up when confronting Lord Burne.

Vulgrim, dressed in elite guard uniform was successfully able to bluff through the guards at the starport gates. As the guards began their inspection of the contents of the trailer they were roughly grabbed and killed by Mordechai, Callidon and Servitor inside the trailer, other disguised members of the Bullets jumping out to take their places.

During the scramble with the guards Callidon’s face is briefly revealed to the team for the first time in a while. His face is white skinned, almost translucent. His hair is all gone and he looks incredibly fatigued.

As the team reacts to this change in Callidon, the trailers drive through into the starport, utterly undetected by the guards.

A Minimal Amount of Bloodshed
What Once Was

After gaining entry to the starport the team drew up their vehicle to the main building whilst Vulgrim and Octavius looked the area over for problems. Seeing that the starport was mainly staffed by labourers and only a few guards the team began to look for a secondary entrance.

Vulgrim was able to successfully recon the area whilst remaining concealed finding a smaller unguarded entrance to the facility, though it required a keycard to enter. Vulgrim then grabbed a worker leaving the building, silents his cries for help before snapping their neck and hiding the body, obtaining the keycard the team required.

The team then threw blind grenades towards the crowded and guarded main entrance as a distraction to allow the team to sneak through into the building through the side door along with the Blood Bullets.

The team emerged onto a gangway above the main warehouse area of the facility, out of sight of the guards and labourers. Kuurahn successfully hacked an access portal, discovering information about security measures, arrivals and departures and the directions to both the control room and the communication array.

Vulgrim took the team safely and stealthy through the facility avoiding all the administrators and guards, allowing the team to reach the control room without getting into trouble.

The team quickly dispatches the guards with Vulgrim and Octavius taking point.

Unable to get into the control room with the same keycard Kuurahn hacks the security mechanism to grant them access.

The team successfully capture the starport with a minimum amount of bloodshed and damage. They immediately get in contact with Commodore Viri Fortissimi describing the current situation and enlisting her help in getting the team into the mansion.

Whilst waiting for the Commodore to arrive the team receive a request for a status update from the mansion whilst Octavius handled expertly to prevent suspicion.

The Commodore arrives and the team prepares to leave in order to join with Tolica and make their way to the mansion.

Surprise Melta Cannon!
What Once Was

The team, along with Commodore Viri Fortissimi, meet with Tolica Neta, each of them giving the other a calculating look.

The team leave Tolica with the blood bullets to hold down the starport and the outskirts of the city, as they approach the mansion in speeders.

The mansion is under heavy guard, all of them seemingly the mind-altered elite guards.

The team and the navy are let into the mansion and brought into the conservatory for a audience with Lord Nathaniel Burne. Lord Burne is seemingly at ease with the group. However Mordechai is able to discern that he is harbouring a deep hatred for the team and him in particular.

Callidon and Kuurahn both make the connection, after hearing Lord Burne’s voice, that Lord Burne was the voice on the recording from the Kirtin Research Facility where Bo’en was killed, making Lord Burne Lanni’s target for revenge.

Callidon and Lord Burne engaged each other in banter, resulting with Callidon standing directly in front of Lord Burne. As Lord Burne threatens to kill the group Callidon releases his Lidless Stare. The Lidless Stare takes the top half of Lord Burne’s head off.

However, Lord Burne was unfazed. He stood and from his chest a melta cannon appeared and fires a shot that fortunately missed the team, but destroyed the entrance to the conservatory.

Kuurahn decides to hack into Callidon’s Servitor in order to direct it himself. In doing so he broke through a security level in its system and discovered that the servitor, more than any other servitor Kuurahn has interfaced with, is incredibly murderous and mostly was created from the remains of an insane human.

Meanwhile the team attempt to rouse the Commodore, who has become unresponsive to her surroundings.

In order to incapacitate Lord Burne, Mordechai psychically grabs him. Whilst unable to move Lord Burne is still able to fire his melta which hits Callidon – or rather his forceshield. However the shield overloads and explodes blinding almost everyone in the room.

In his blindness Octavius Perie uses his flamer on both one of Lord Burne’s guard and Vulgrim. Fortunately Vulgrim braces himself and remains undamaged through the flames.

Callidon bravely jumps beneath a bench for cover.

Kuurahn uses his logis implant to overclock himself and the servitor and the two of them begin to lay into the guards.

Mordechai throws Lord Burne across the room in an effort to prevent him from shooting his melta at the team.

Finally, Kuurahn is shot and loses control of his arm. The team are still in the thick of it all.


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