Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

The Race for Magoros Begins!
Into the Maw

Upon arrival to Port Wander you came into contact with Orbest Dray, and old voidfarer who was entrusted with the mnemolith device capable of pointing the way to The Righteous Path. You were attacked when meeting Orbest by a woman and her bodyguards. After fighting them off you briefly talked with the sergeant of the Adeptus Arbites in Port Wander before returning to The Stalwart Venturer.

Upon returning to the ship you talked with your Chirugeon Heneil, who is usually accompanied by his Servo-Skull.

You then saw a ship leaving the port with haste. The ship was identified as belonging to Hadarak Fel – another Rogue Trader. It’s likely that the attack came from him and is racing towards the system seen in the mnemolith in an attempt to beat your team there.

Before leaving you had to find the location of the system you saw in the mnemolith. To do this you went to a Scrivener named Journ in Port Wander’s “Chambers of Gold”. He told you the location and name of the system (Magoros) in return for transporting his cargo of semi-heretical texts to Footfall.

Whilst in transit to Footfall you were attacked by two Wolfpack Raiders using the pilgrimage ship The Penitent Traveller as a trap. You decided to bring the remaining survivors of the attack with you to Footfall in return for some brownie points.


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