Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

Exploring the Jungle

Upon travelling to the mountainous jungle area that Senisa was sent to the team choose a landing spot in one of the clearings and started to explore the area. Blur set off on her own using her scout bike whist the rest of the team start to explore as well.

The on-foot team found a number of primates watching them from the trees whilst Blur encountered a stampede of wild boars. Fortunately before being trampled the team was able to turn or kill all of the beasts. The primates were pretty upset from all the fighting. They were even more annoyed when the team tried to shake them out of the trees.

Blur set off again by herself and was attacked by some very aggressive hornets and rusted and destroyed servitors that had somehow become stuck in the jungle. However she turned back and drove through these obstacles again in order to come to the aid of the on-foot team that had become ensnared in a carnivorous and seductive plant.

The team then stayed together and found a clearing with interesting large cats within it. Their coats were well camouflaged and seemed to shift and blend into the background of the bush at will. However as the team decided to attack or approach the cats the adult versions of the cats attacked. Some of the cats managed to escape but three of the adults were killed, two of which with minimal damage to the fur.

The team stopped to rest and cooked and ate some of the cat meat from their hunt as evening set in.

To Ritammeron

Whilst exiting the mansion Manfred von Burga talked to the team. He offered the team a delivery job to one of his colonies in the Charnel Stars when they had sufficiently recovered from the attack in the mansion. First the team would be able to rest in luxury on his planet of Ritammeron until the delivery could take place. The team accepted this proposal and left the mansion to recuperate.

After spending some weeks resting and restocking equipment the team was introduced to the new major crew members of the restored The Hand of the Emperor. The crew members consisted of:

Zaddion The new captain of the Hand of the Emperor. An imposing man with an eye patch. Zaddion was originally part of Hadarak Fel’s crew.

Kaltos Benetek The navigator of the Hand of the Emperor. A very tall but young man who seems to be very nervous and twitchy at times. He talks extremely quickly and is a cousin of Callidon.

Tobias Kain The pilot and voidmaster of the Hand.

Xanthia A quiet and reserved astropath.

Lupa The Hand’s resident Tech-Priest.

After the team met the crew of the Hand they left Godwinne on Footfall to be their contact and set off for Ritammeron. The passage to Ritammeron was short and uneventful due to the detailed prima that von Burga had gifted the team with.

After travelling over the surface of the beautiful Ritammeron the team finally arrived at Manfred von Burga’s mansion. The team were brought into Manfred’s conservatory and were settled with food, drink and music whilst Manfred introduced Mersini Lokinnox his aid. Manfred said he was looking forward to the delivery the team would be making to the Charnel Stars colony, but that he would be unable to send the team on the delivery at that time.

Manfred governs the planet of Ritammeron over a primitive peasant community. However von Burga’s second aid and mediator between von Burga and the people of the planet, Senisa, had gone missing.

Senisa was sent to convince a group of peasants to relinquish a patch of jungle within the mountains so that the jungle can be cleared for mining. She hadn’t returned and von Burga was concerned for her safety.

von Burga had previously sent small groups of people and servitors hoping to find Senisa in the jungle area but none of those groups have returned either. At this rate the jungle may have to be destroyed whilst Senisa may still be alive inside. von Burga has offered the team a mercantile partnership if the team manage to go into the jungle and return Senisa to him.

The team steeled themselves for a long trek through the remote jungle region of Ritammeron.

The Staff and the Inqusition
The Glittering Halls

The team proceeded into the final room of the wing and found what must have been Malcore Carnius’s private room and study. They activated the goblet and then began to exit the wing. They were tipped off by the caged mutants that Candice Papillo was involved with their capture and transfer to the mansion.

The team headed towards the library, the last of the goblets to activate. They discovered a large growth of thorny and thick plants blocking the way to the room which the team started to clear manually. Meanwhile Vulgrim began to explore more of that area of the building and unfortunately found the beast. The team were successful however in safely entering the library.

Within the library they found a number of similarly cast goblets and had to determine which of the goblets was the correct one to activate. After searching the library the team came across a number of hidden books and parchments detailing Malcore’s discovering of an unknown xenos artifact from Cinerus Maleficum which seemed like “it had almost a mind of its own”. They also chronicle Malcore’s descent into madness and his experimentation on the people that the Papillos provided for him.

After activating the right goblet the team returned to the armoury to discover this artifact. The goblets pulled back the lid of the recess in the ground to show a rather ordinary looking metal staff. However upon Mordechai holding the staff it morphed in appearance growing in length and silver in colour and holding a number of gems at its head, colours flowing through the metal as its shaft gracefully twists and spirals.

The xenos staff draws power from the user when a psyker tries to bend its power to their command. The staff seemed to bend reality when used although damaging and draining to the user. However the staff seemed to abhor the beast that was brought from the warp and by merely being in its presence the beast’s restorative and protective powers were removed. The team were then finally able to destroy the beast.

After the fight concluded the Inquisition finally broke through into the mansion with Footfall’s planetary forces. These forces were under the command of Lor Inquisitor Vernetta Aversia and her sister Violette Aversia. All the remaining guests and staff were corralled in the main hall to await interrogation and questioning from the Inquisition.

The team told the Aversia sisters about everything that had transpired during the beast’s incursion. They spoke of the mutants and of Candice’s involvement with their creation. Vernetta immediately ordered the complete eradication of all the mutants and used her incredibly strong psychic powers to probe Candice’s mind to discover the truth.

Callidon then opted to hand over the xenos staff to the Inquisition. They were sceptical of its xenos roots however due to the fact that out of Mordechai’s hands it had since reverted to its original drab appearance.

The Inquisition was then satisfied with the team’s innocence in the events, or at least satisfied enough to allow the team to depart and return to their ship.

Rapture was allowed to remain unknown to the Inquisition by the team and slipped away from the Carnius mansion.

Into the Dark Wing
The Glittering Halls

After taking Candice Papillo to the armoury the team decided to look for Lucitina Ntharis around the mansion in the hopes of reclaiming the lost goblets. Luckily they managed to find her in the Main Hall looking over the dead Sarvus Ketrigan. The team began to sneak up and surround her when she noticed their approach. The team also noticed Mordechai coming into the Main Hall from outside after running around the hallways. Unfortunately he had alerted the beast which chased him into the hall as well.

After a brief battle the team managed to escape the beast but lost Lucitina as she escaped into the building. She was found hiding in a storage room. With the wounds sustained to her in their last meeting and Callidon’s threats she gave herself up.

She revealed herself to be a famous thief by the name of Rapture Creed who had disguised
herself as the daughter of a planet governor to raid the house. She gave the team back the goblet she had stolen and joined with the team to guide them through the mansion so the team could keep an eye on her.

Both stolen goblets were replaced and activated in the Main Hall and Dining Room. The team then set out to find the next two goblets.

They discovered a guarded wing of the mansion that only Malcore Carnius was able to enter. Within they found cages filled with mutated humans. Whilst Callidon wished to kill them at the sight of their forms the team decided to relent and left them there for the moment.

Further into the wing they found hundreds of mutilated human corpses and a number of stronger, more bestial mutants which attacked on sight. The team was able to dispatch these mutants, but not without suffering mentally from the horrific forms of their assailants.

The Void is Split
The Glittering Halls

Suddenly during the gathering the lights in the hall are dimmed and an old crippled man is helped up on to the stage. A great psychic energy emanates from him and the room goes quiet. The man introduces himself as Malcore Carnius who was unexpected to attend his own party.

It quickly becomes clear that Malcore is not well and it slowly dawns on the party guests that he is insane. When a guest intends to leave Malcore seals the mansion and uses an overwhelming amount of psychic energy to tear a rip to the warp. Out from this tear comes a large beast, heralded with the sound of clashing steel and warm bloom seeming to seep from the walls and flood the floor.

The beast quickly dispatches Malcore and then turns on the guests and staff. A mad rush out of the hall ensued separating guests throughout the building. The remaining team found themselves in the armoury after repelling the beast back into the mansion grounds. A few hours later, after collecting their stored weapons and failing to convince the guests that were present to help them try to stop the beast, Mordechai and Vulgrim arrived at the armoury after making up in a bathroom.

Within the armoury the team found a vault filled with heretical jewellery and a mechanism to open a secret recess in the floor built around special goblets positioned around the house. The recess was impenetrable without using the mechanism, even leaving grenades on the floor (and in front of guests) did nothing.

The team then ventured out in order to find and rescue the rest of the guests and seek out the goblets in the mansion. The staff told them that they recognised the placement of the goblets as being in the dining room, library and main hall but that they’d never seen a fourth.

Upon arriving at the dining room the team spotted Lucitina Ntharis exiting the room. She had just finished stealing the wares in that room including the goblet. The team tried to capture her but failed.

The team found the Candice Papillo hiding in her room in the mansion from the beast and were successful in driving off the beast and rescued her.

An Invitation to Chaos
The Glittering Halls

Upon returning to Footfall the tales of the crew’s adventures began to spread throughout the people. Whilst the team relaxed and recovered from their ordeal they received a formal invitation from Malcore Carnius, the novator of navigator house Carnius, to a lavish party in their honour. Thinking that it would be a good opportunity to greet and make acquaintances with the guests at the gathering, and not insult them or the host, the team decided to go. All members of the team were required to go and leave any weapons with the guard upon entry or attempt to sneak them in.

After gaining entry to the mansion the team interacted with a number of the gathered guests.

  • Argent Aspira had learned that the team was responsible for the rescue of the crew of The Penitent Traveller for which she was thankful for. However she was less impressed with the suggestion that the team may have helped bring heretical texts into the Expanse.
  • Sun Xing tasked the team to discover the reason for an exotic plant’s distress. The team was reasonably unsuccessful in this task and Vulgrim did not particularly help by throwing food at the plant.
  • Callidon managed to spot a number of weapons hidden about the person of Julia Strophes. She was impressed when the team mentioned their acquisition of a Graviton Gun and she seemed open to the idea of a weapons trade of some sort in the future.
  • Morgan Volgt managed to embarrass the team somewhat in front of the nobles by pretending to be a flirtatious female whilst male.
  • Candice Papillo and Callidon danced very successfully together. After this she explained her background as heir to the Papillo merchant empire and also stated that she was currently residing in the mansion.
  • Bolovino Berta offered to gamble with the team but they refused. Callidon was tipped off by Bolovino that Lucitina Ntharis was not who she appeared to be.

During the later stages of this party Vulgrim and Mordechai were rendered indisposed by a heavy drinking contest with Josef. They were moved further into the mansion to recover by the staff.

Hadarak's Fall
Into the Maw

After discovering the resting place of The Righteous Path the team rushed back through the hive of ruins to their ship and traveled directly to its location. They found the craft still frozen in its icy grave. The team traveled to the craft on foot due to the harsh terrain and entered the destroyed hulk of the ship.

The team searched the ship and was able to gain access to the bridge of the Path. Soon after their arrival however they were attacked again by Lady Ash. After a short skirmish within the small bridge they brought Lady Ash and her bodyguards down. The crew then received word from The Stalwart Venturer that they were under attack from The Fell Hand.

The crew fought their way over the icy plains back to their gun-cutter and then to their ship. After a climatic battle in the void between the The Fell Hand and The Stalwart Venturer the team found themselves victorious, the Hand pacified and Hadarak Fel at their mercy.

The team decided to execute Hadarak and take the crippled Fell Hand back with them to Footfall loaded with the bounty of the Righteous Path. From the Path the team also inherited a Graviton Gun and a pendant from the Path’s long-passed navigator engraved with the name “Astrianna” with the symbol of house Asmotten. After returning to Footfall the team started to outfit The Fell Hand as a new addition to their fleet as The Hand of the Emperor with a mix of old and new crew members.

Discovery of The Righteous Path
Into the Maw

After their ship was repaired and the team was ready The Stalwart Venturer set off towards Magoros in the hopes of reaching the system before Hadarak Fel. Due to the Navis Prima the crew’s passage to the system was unmarred by events.

Once the team entered the Magoros system they scanned the system for clues as to the location of The Righteous Path. There was no sign of Hadarak in the system.

Eventually the team came across a strange structure inhabiting a huge set of maze-like ruins. On their way to the structure the team fell foul of a roving band of Orks. The team defended themselves admirably, grenades to Felix’s face notwithstanding, and continued on into the structure.

The structure was clearly a xenos creation, unsettling and grand, as if standing in a sea of lights. The air was alive with images spinning and dancing around the team’s heads depicting areas of Magoros which seemed to show not only the present but the past. Callidon volunteered to attempt to sort through the images in order to find clues about the Path’s location and managed to find it sealed away in the system’s icy asteroid belt.

The Circle's Hideout
Adventures in Footfall

The team drove towards the hideout in their speeders. Unfortunately due to the events in the gang’s warehouse the Circle of Knives’ seemed to be aware of the team’s movements. On the way to the hideout a number of snipers and speeders attempted to take down the team. Fortunately due to the team’s marksmanship and driving they made it through, with only minimal collateral damaged.

The team arrived at night at the gang’s hideout and made there way inside. They silently took down a number of guards and gang scum without being detected. Eventually an alarmed was raised but the team managed (somehow) to convince the leader of the thieves and smugglers that nothing was amiss.

Eventually the team split in two. One half found the leader of the smugglers, Dolovian, who preceded to engage them in combat. In another room of the hideout / black market auction house Mordechai found the thieves’ store room of items to be sold off in the near future. Within this room there was a large xenos creature in a tank.

After some ill advised mind probing the team were forced to put down both Dolovian and the xenos monster whilst Mordechai set a few land speed records. Dolovian’s death allowed the team to fully explore the hideout and recover his Blue-Bladed Knife from his grasp. After defeating everyone left in the hideout the team acquired the Navis Prima and headed back to their ship.

Search for the Navis Prima
Adventures in Footfall

Upon arriving in Footfall The Stalwart Venturer‘s crew began repairs on the ship after the damaged sustained in the raid of The Penitent Traveller. The team decided to explore Footfall, looking for a lead to a Navis Prima of Winterscale’s Realm which would make travelling to the Magoros system much less dangerous.

The team found information about a merchant of starmaps that supposedly had the map they required. However when the team arrived at the merchant’s emporium they found the shop ransacked and the merchant killed. Fortunately the team spotted a shadowy person suddenly move away from the emporium as they exited the building. The team tailed the person and eventually grabbed them.

The person turned out to be a young man who was simply fleeing from the team’s sight. Once interrogated, and one broken arm later, the boy directed them to a warehouse on the other side of Footfall that he expected the gang to take the merchant’s goods to.

The team travelled to the dimly lit industrial area of Footfall to the suggested warehouse. The team proceeded to sneak into the warehouse and dispatch a number of gang members before being exposed.

The warehouse was soon a chaotic firefight as the control room was blown out by flames and hallucinogenic grenades drove members of the team and enemies to be confused and afraid.

When the firefight was over the flamer who created the commotion was introduced to the team as Stone. The team brought Stone onto their team as a mechanic. Stone offered to guide the team to the thieves’ hideout. Stone identified the gang as the Circle of Knives.


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