Vernetta Aversia

Lord-Inquisitor for the Expanse


Vernetta Aversia is a Lord-Inquisitor and one of the commanders of the Inquisition in the Koronus Expanse. Her sister, Violette Aversia, is also a member of the Inquisition and is Vernetta’s right-hand woman.

At the end of The Glittering Halls campaign Vernetta was in charge of the Inquisition staff and military unit that forced its way into the mansion. Vernetta showed herself to be an incredibly powerful psyker, subduing and breaking the mind of Candice Papillo once the team revealed Candice to be a slave and human specimen dealer.

Vernetta was also ruthless in exterminating the remaining mutant and abomination prisoners within the mansion’s western wing. The team were commanded to report the events of The Glittering Halls to Vernetta and were then allowed to leave.

Callidon handed over the strange xenos staff found in Malcore Carnius’s mansion to the the Aversia sisters for further study.

Vernetta Aversia

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