First encountered in the remote jungles of Ritammeron. The team identified this xenos as a Terrorax, a species of alpha-predators originating in death worlds.

These xenos are quiet and patient hunters that wait in silence in the canopies of jungle environments until their unsuspecting prey are close enough. They then jump or lean down above their prey and skewer them with their sharp fore-claws before agilely pulling them into the canopy where they silence the live prey, typically by biting their heads off whole.

Their camouflage and lithe movements make them near impossible to spot amongst thick foliage and they are able to climb and move through canopies as fast as they can move across flat ground due to their many strong legs and keen senses. In addition to more traditional senses the Terrorax’s legs contain sensitive nerves used to pick up minute vibrations within the surrounding area.


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