Senisa has been Manfred von Burga‘s link to the populace for a number of years. Senisa’s missionary work has allowed von Burga’s influence over the native feudal and primitive to grow in a peaceful fashion focusing on conversion and integration.

After the Glittering Halls the team was tasked by von Burga to travel to a remote jungle valley in order to find and extract Senisa from a tribal group that she had been on a mission to continue her efforts with them.

The team found Senisa alive with the remnants of the tribe hiding from a large group of xenos creatures identified as the Terrorax. The team were successful in rescuing Senisa, most of the remaining primitives and escape to the safety of their gun-cutter.

During the events of the Trails of the Terrorax Senisa was suspected of involvement as the source of the Terrorax on Ritammeron. After surviving a poisoning attempt the team interrogated Senisa. The team later came to the conclusion that Senisa was no longer the prime suspect and began to work with her to chase other leads.

When the team decided that Mersini Lokinnox was the most likely culprit Senisa rushed to confront and apprehend him. Unfortunately Mersini was lying in wait and mortally wounded Senisa before escaping the mansion. Senisa’s dying wish was for the team to capture Mersini and bring him to justice.


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