Manfred von Burga

Governor of Ritammeron


Manfred von Burga is the governor of Ritammeron a feudal planet located in The Foundling Worlds. von Burga has brought order and civilization to the peasantry of the planet resulting in a populace that is primitive but increasingly cultured. Outside of the capital city of the same name, Ritammeron still holds a number of archaic tribal groups that have not yet converted to worship of the God-Emperor. von Burga, under the influence of Senisa, has pursued a peaceful missionary-led approach to these tribes.

The team first met von Burga at Malcore’s gathering of nobility in The Glittering Halls. During the party the team were able to solve a number of von Burga’s puzzling riddles. von Burga seemed pleased with both the team’s reputation and their intellectual capabilities and asked the team to visit him on his own planet at their leisure for further discussions for a partnership between them.

However once the team met with von Burga at his own mansion he was unable to help the team as he was currently trying to ascertain the location and health of his missionary Senisa. During the Ritammeron campaign the team were successful in recovering Senisa from the jungle which she had become trapped within as well as a number of tribal youths that Senisa had been working with to convert to the God-Emperor. The team also discovered why Senisa was trapped, the jungle had been overrun with xenos beasts called Terrorax.

Upon returning to the mansion with Senisa in tow the team began the Trail of the Terrorax campaign in which they decided to try to discover the source of the Terrorax threat on Ritammeron. After days of accusations, snooping and angering von Burga and his staff the team discovered that von Burga’s aid Mersini was behind the plot.

Manfred von Burga

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