Malcore Carnius


The house of Carnius is well renowned amongst the Navis Nobilite as an ancient and powerful house. The house is also infamous for its dark past and has many members within its line who have been convicted of heretical crimes and dealings with blasphemous powers. Whilst dangerous the house is also known for its great power. Famous Navigators of the house have shown the capacity to peer further through the depths of the warp than any others. Using these incredibly powerful talents the house has prophesied a number of disasters that would engulf the empire throughout the millennia and thus have stayed the destruction of their house on a number of occasions.

In the current age the clan has receded to a shadow of its former glory as its power slowly drained and drove their members insane one by one. The remains of the house have taken to regions far into the dark edge of the empire in the hopes of peering even deeper into the warp and bringing power and authority back to its dying family.

Malcore Vallum Carnius is known to be an eccentric amongst the Carnius whilst still acting as Novator for the house. After a long and prosperous career aboard many imperial ships Malcore has retired to his own mansion in Footfall to pursue his own diversions. Chief amongst which is his fascination with adventures – particulars those of others which have travelled to placed within the Koronus Expanse of which there is little knowledge.

Once Malcore was an incredibly powerful Psyker and expected to return Carnius to its former glory. However it is said that he is rarely seen, even within his own mansion and has
not participated in any meetings of nobles outside of Footfall for years.

Malcore is responsible for the events of The Glittering Halls. After Footfall became awash with tales of the team’s successful discovery of The Righteous Path and their defeat and acquisition of The Fell Hand the team received an invitation from Malcore to a gathering of other Rogue Traders, Navigators and Nobility in the Expanse.

Whilst unexpected Malcore eventually made an appearance at his own party. However it quickly became clear that Malcore’s psychic powers and his seclusion from other had driven him mad. Before the team’s eyes Malcore tore a rip in the barrier between void and warp and summoned a great demon-beast which dispatched the insane navigator and preceded to hunt down and kill as many of the people possible still trapped within the mansion.

Malcore Carnius

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