Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

The Void is Split

The Glittering Halls

Suddenly during the gathering the lights in the hall are dimmed and an old crippled man is helped up on to the stage. A great psychic energy emanates from him and the room goes quiet. The man introduces himself as Malcore Carnius who was unexpected to attend his own party.

It quickly becomes clear that Malcore is not well and it slowly dawns on the party guests that he is insane. When a guest intends to leave Malcore seals the mansion and uses an overwhelming amount of psychic energy to tear a rip to the warp. Out from this tear comes a large beast, heralded with the sound of clashing steel and warm bloom seeming to seep from the walls and flood the floor.

The beast quickly dispatches Malcore and then turns on the guests and staff. A mad rush out of the hall ensued separating guests throughout the building. The remaining team found themselves in the armoury after repelling the beast back into the mansion grounds. A few hours later, after collecting their stored weapons and failing to convince the guests that were present to help them try to stop the beast, Mordechai and Vulgrim arrived at the armoury after making up in a bathroom.

Within the armoury the team found a vault filled with heretical jewellery and a mechanism to open a secret recess in the floor built around special goblets positioned around the house. The recess was impenetrable without using the mechanism, even leaving grenades on the floor (and in front of guests) did nothing.

The team then ventured out in order to find and rescue the rest of the guests and seek out the goblets in the mansion. The staff told them that they recognised the placement of the goblets as being in the dining room, library and main hall but that they’d never seen a fourth.

Upon arriving at the dining room the team spotted Lucitina Ntharis exiting the room. She had just finished stealing the wares in that room including the goblet. The team tried to capture her but failed.

The team found the Candice Papillo hiding in her room in the mansion from the beast and were successful in driving off the beast and rescued her.



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