Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

The Veil Falls

Behind the Veil

After the team dispatched the Veil Bringer in the depths of the Veil facility the team set about their task of turning off the Veil.

Whilst Callidon and Octavius guarded the elevator to the surface, Vulgrim and Venhoa constructed a make-shift bridge using the leg of the dead Veil Bringer. Shifting the leg over the warp plasma channels that had eaten through the floor, the rest of the team managed to finally reach the Veil’s core.

The core, like a giant altar, warp storm conduit and control panel combined, was researched ponderously by Kuurahn for a number of hours until he was able to identify their options to shut it down. Kuurahn and the team decide to trigger the destruction of the Veil’s core and power source with the help of a remote timing device.

Whilst Callidon predicted the time the team would require to make it back to the Stalwart Venturer to be about 3 hours, Kuurahn secretly set the timer instead to 4 hours. Or at least attempted to…

Meanwhile Mordechai used his psychic powers to make contact with the surface team with the gun-cutter. After ensuring that the surface was safe the team left the Veil’s underground facility, joined with the gun-cutter team and proceeded to fly straight towards The Stalwart Venturer.

On route to the Venturer the team repeatedly attempted to hail the ship or Felix. Their attempts were unsuccessful by both technological and psychic means. The team began to fear the worst for the crew of the Venturer and Felix.

In addition, the ship’s Gellar field had been seemingly disabled. With the field disabled the corruption and madness of the Veil would be having a greater effect on the crew, and there would be no protection on the ship should the Veil fall.

Mordechai was, however, able to contact a loyal officer on the Venturer with a psychic link. Major Steve Harker was able to report the situation on the Venturer to the team. In the days since their last contact with the team the crew of the Venturer had continued to degrade in loyalty and sanity, leading to a mutiny on the ship.

Across the Venturer a number of disorganised groups, running amok on the ship, killing and maiming at random and attacking people on sight. Another group, seemingly more rational, though just as desperate, had attacked the bridge itself and taken control of the ship.

Major Harker was unable to confirm the situation of Felix but was able to direct the team to his group’s location on the ship for relief.

The team piloted their crafts into the waiting vehicle bay of the Venturer. Once inside the ordinance of the gun-cutter made short work of the few mutineers still present in the bay.

Leaving the Mant, eggs and away team behind to protect and fully secure the vehicle bay the team made for the elevators. Their path to the bridge was blocked and disabled taking them through the voidsmen quarters instead. Since they were in the vicinity the team attempted to rescue Major Harker’s group, dispatching individual foes along the way.

The team attempted to talk down the mutineers in the bridge of the ship through the internal communications but were unable to make contact.

As the team closed in on Major Harker’s position they found them under siege by a larger group of half-crazed crew members. The attackers seemed to be blindly attacking anyone in sight and harvesting the fallen for weapons to defend themselves with, including grenades.

As the first of the attackers charged at them the team easily and quickly dispatched the crew member, exploding the grenades on their body, fortunately away from themselves.

These suicidal crew members attempted to rush the team but were all slain without the team taking damage. The last of these attacks put the team in danger, but Callidon and Vulgrim were able to pacify the attacker before more explosions could ring out.

After saving Major Harker he and his group joined the team as an escort to the bridge, swiftly weaving their way through the battleground-like corridors of the Venturer.

On their approach to the bridge Kuurahn was able to determine a number of bio signatures present on the bridge. The team split into two, with Major Harker’s group taking the left entrance, the players to the right as they burst into the room.

As they entered the bridge they were able to see the group of mutineers surrounding the face down form of Felix, surrounded by the corpses of the loyal crew members who had attempted to defend the bridge from their attacks.

After killing one of the mutineers Octavius and Callidon managed to calm down the two groups long enough to attempt to parlay with the mutineers. Callidon bartered with the group’s leader attempting to secure the ship and Felix’s life in return for the safety of the mutineers and their release from the ship when next at port.

Unfortunately the leader of the mutineers caught wind of Callidon’s lies about their freedom and made to shoot Felix.

At that moment the Veil fell sending waves of corrupting warp energy, psychic forces and shudders through the void.

The team has been rendered unconscious under the strain of the Veil’s collapse. Who will awake first? What will become of Felix and the mutineers? Is their imprisonment in the Veil finally over?



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