Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

The Veil

Behind the Veil

After clearing the skies of the corrupted Many-Lived, the team flew their Aquila Lander and Gun Cutter directly to the ruined Mant city in search of the Veil’s power source. Using the directions provided to them by the Mant they were successful in finding a relatively safe area to land nearby to the coordinates.

After searching for almost four hours Kuurahn finally managed to come across the entrance to the Veil’s facility – a large metal elevator leading deep into the crust of the planet.

Callidon and Vulgrim ordered 10 of the 14 soldiers still with the team to stay behind on the surface, with orders to take off in the ships at the first sign of hostility on the surface and then to defend the area from the ships.

As the rest of the team descended into the belly of the planet they were able to pick out a number of clusters of corrupted Mant secreted throughout the rock and crust. Clearly, without the Mant’s help, the team would have been ambushed by the corrupted Mant many times within the city.

The elevator came to a halt at the bottom of a large shaft, first natural and then worked. The facility, whilst clearly Xenos, was of a functional nature, sheet metal and little decoration. The initial landing area of the elevator was dirty and filled with twisted scrap metal from machinery last used millennia ago.

The elevator room had a large sealed metal door leading north. The only other exit was a gateway to the south which then split into passages to the east and the west. Whilst examining the door Kuurahn was able to discern that it could be opened, but not from this area in the facility.

The team decided to travel east, following the corroded piping containing a strange thick liquid substance that seemed to carry a great amount of warp energy within it.

As the team followed the passage east, they came across similar looking moss to the patches found in the Mant’s sanctuary. However the team realised that the moss was corrupted and no longer safe. Octavius attempted to clear the moss from the floor of the passage, but was unsuccessful due to its low flammability.

Upon opening the door at the end of the passage the team came across another group of corrupted Mant. This time the corrupted Mant seem to have been cursed to become ethereal creatures that could phase in and out of the world around them. Fortunately this did not stop the team from destroying two of the wraith-like creatures and driving off the remaining Mant.

At the very end of the passageway the team found a control panel that was still operable. Kurrahn was able to interface with the panel and access various information about the facility, the output from the Veil and access the security network in order to open the large metal door in the elevator room. Unfortunately this revealed a second door that would need to be breached as well.

Kurrahn stayed behind at the terminal for around 20 minutes to absorb as much of the facility’s information and technology as possible.

The rest of the team left Kurrahn there and then headed through the western passage, noticing the degradation of the facility’s structure as they moved through it. As they came to the end of the tunnel they found another terminal, however the floor of the room was overrun by the same warp energy fluid found throughout the facility.

The team decided to use Callidon’s Servitor and Venhoa to transfer as much thick scrap metal as they could find from the passageway to the room in order to form a bridge over the fluid, taking about an hour and a half to do so. Kuurahn successfully managed to open the second door in the elevator room before the fluid melted and disintegrated the scrap metal covering the floor.

The team headed back into the elevator room and proceeded cautiously into the core of the Veil.

The core was a hemispherical room of massive size. A large mechanical installation, surrounded by a strong aura and warp energy lightning was centred in room. From it a number of wide corroded warp energy pipes and gutters spilled across the room.

Mordechai and Venhoa were then spoken to by the guardian of the Veil, the Veil Bringer. The guardian, seemingly corrupted but still with some degree of thought asked the team to take down the Veil, whilst it was unable to do anything but defend it.

The mighty form of the Veil Bringer shocked Venhoa, Vulgrim and the Crew Military to their core but it was only a moment before the team rallied against the enormous threat. The team assailed the monster with bullets, managing to take down one of its arms as the Servitor drew its attention.

As the beast called forth a number of Mant wraiths to assist it, the Servitor dismembered a number of the Veil Bringer’s legs with its melta. As the creature flinched and wheeled in agony Vulgrim took the opportunity to jump onto the creature and gun it down at point blank range, laying into the carapace of the Veil Bringer.

The Veil Bringer stumbled and crashed to the floor, dead. The wraiths disappeared into the air of the chamber. The way to the Veil’s core is open.



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