Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

The Tunnel of Madness

What Once Was

After discovering the tunnel leading from the underground Saltu cavern, Vulgrim quickly investigated the fissure and the cave before reporting back to Callidon. The tunnel is blocked by rock at its entrance but quickly widens enough to be able to drive the speeders and other vehicles down it in one direction.

Kuurahn took the time to examine the structural integrity of the tunnel and the surrounding rock strata and found it to be favourable and unlikely to collapse.

With the go ahead from the team Tolica orders The Blood Bullets to begin the excavation of the entrance to the cave working down towards the cavern below.

Meanwhile Callidon described the team’s previous run-in with the Terrorax in this very clearing to Kuurahn and Octavius. Callidon puts the team on their guard in case this new tunnel could be a source for the predator.

The team then left Tolica and her crew to their excavation and entered the tunnel to explore it further.

After walking for some time Callidon, Vulgrim and Flaminis begin to get a feeling of being watched. Mordechai and Callidon are able to confirm a warp disturbance ahead of them within the tunnel. Callidon drew upon his knowledge of the warp and daemons but was until to determine the exact cause. His efforts to use Cloud in the Warp were botched and instead was only able to track the disturbance as it became closer, it’s strength filling the tunnel.

Suddenly Mordechai was struck blind, unable to see with his psychic abilities. Unable to find a cause for this sudden onset of blindness the team continued on as Mordechai seemed otherwise unharmed.

However it was not long before strange misfortunes began to happen to the team, centered on Kuurahn. Rocks fell from the roof, nests of bugs erupted upon Kuurahn. His injuries were seemingly minor and quickly healed by Octavius. Regardless the team began to turn back….

…leading them straight into a dead end.

Kuurahn suddenly and inexplicably was rent across his torso by a sudden change in the rock formations that simply were not there before. He dropped as if unconscious.

At this point Mordechai attempted to move away from Vulgrim, who was guiding him, immediately tripping over a body on the ground. Feeling the body with his hands Mordechai discovered that it was the body of one of the Saltu warriors, apparently alive but unmoving. That same Saltu warrior was supposedly standing in a different place in the tunnel. This, combined with the sudden gnashing sounds Mordechai can hear within the tunnel he comes to the realisation that what he is sensing, hearing and seeing is correct, and the others are within some illusion.

The creature that created this illusion seemed to notice Mordechai’s movement and began to attack him. Mordechai was able to get a hit on the creature, catching sight of it truly in the dark, dissipating the illusion for everyone.

The tunnel was pitch black but within the darkness the team were able to witness the daemonic creature that had been manipulating them. The Saltu were frozen in fear, some inherited horror of this creature that their ancestors must have trapped in the tunnel.

The creature then began to attack the group for survival. It took control of Vulgrim, bending his tactical prowess to its will in order to attack Mordechai, the only team member to withstand its illusion.

The team as a whole opened fire upon the creature, their bullets not seeming to hurt the creature’s strange and horrific mass.

Mordechai, showing surprising tenacity, dodged gracefully through all of Vulgrim’s attacks. Truly, the God Emperor was at Mordechai’s side as Vulgrim’s gun jammed giving Mordechai the time he needed to well up enough psychic power to crush the daemon and remove its hold over Vulgrim and the tunnel.

With the daemon vanquished and the Blood Bullets almost finished excavating the team can return their sight back to escaping Astraeus and eventually rejoining with The Stalwart Venturer.



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