Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

The Triumphant Return

What Once Was

Vulgrim was the first to come around on the bridge of The Stalwart Venturer. After assessing the situation he went directly to Felix to protect him. Whilst the rest of the crew and mutineers were unconscious he shackled the leader of the mutineers and began to dispatch the rest of the hostiles.

Mordechai was the next to awaken. He was quickly able to determine that the Veil had indeed dissipated violently. Mordechai quickly formed a psychic link with Venhoa in order to check on both his status and that of the eggs.

Eventually everyone on the bridge awakened.

Felix is found to be alive, although badly injured from his time in the hands of the mutineers. He is taken to his chambers for rest and is out of commission for two weeks as Heneil provided him around the clock care.

In the mean time Callidon took over command of the Venturer at the wishes of Felix. He immediately ordered Vulgrim to take care of bringing the ship back under control and to take the remaining mutineers to the Venturer’s brig.

After subjugating the mutineer’s leader Octavius asked Callidon what he intended to do with the mutineers. Octavius impressed upon Callidon the need for the proper “procedures” to be taken in order to save the souls of the mutineers. After a brief but tense dispute Callidon relented and handled over the possession of the mutineers to Octavius for questioning and absolution.

During this altercation Mordechai, seeing through the warp, witnesses the overrunning of the Mant sanctuaries by the corrupted Mant and the death of the Mant race.

During the first few days after the Veil’s collapse Kuurahn and Lanni bonded whilst attempting to fix damage throughout the Venturer. Octavius and Kuurahn were also invited to Callidon’s tower. Callidon offered both of them permanent positions on the ship as crew members. Kuurahn and Octavious both eagerly accepted, one for the almost unlimited money and resources, the other for the people he would be able to reach.

As Kuurahn leaves the tower (and is ambushed by Lanni) Callidon asked Octavius to stay behind offering Octavius some alcohol, which he accepted.

Callidon divulged to Octavius his worries about his increasing corruption and asked for his advice on its removal. Octavius was not able to give Callidon any promises except that he would help guide Callidon towards its removal if possible. Such a task is not easy or short to accomplish he warned Callidon however.

As a last bit of housekeeping before setting off to the Kirtin Research Facility, Callidon ordered the Mant eggs to be taken into the trophy room on the Venturer. Through some subterfuge the crew managed to secret away the eggs without attracting too much attention from the crew. The crew all know that something was moved into the trophy room, but they don’t know what, except that it came from the Mant world.

As the team begin to move out towards Kirtin they are able to survey the changes to the Charnel Stars. The destruction of the Veil has carved a clear pathway through the otherwise impenetrable walls of the Charnel Stars’ warp storms, giving unprecedented access to the systems beyond. Knowing this the team leaves the system, with much the Venturer’s crew wishing never to return.

Unfortunately the trials of the Venturer’s crew were not over. Upon arriving in Kirtin the facility is found to have no power and does not respond to their communications. Callidon sent an away team down to the facility in the hopes of contacting Lanni’s father Bo’en.

Upon Lanni’s inspection of the outside of the facility it is discovered that the conduits to the power generator were cut. Cautiously, the team opened the bulkhead doors. A series of desiccated corpses that were against the door fell out in front of the team.

Vulgrim forcibly prevented Lanni from running into the facility until he finished inspecting the corpses. He easily deduces that they are researchers from the facility and that their state of decay in an oxygen-free environment would take many years…

After reporting back to Callidon that most of the researchers seem to be dead Kuurahn scans the facility thoroughly, picking up no signals of any kind. Considering the situation Callidon sends Mordechai and additional troops to support the away team.

Vulgrim however, isn’t worried about whether anything is alive in the facility, but how long they have been away from it in time.

The away team makes it to the central research area of the facility. They find there more dead researchers… and the body of Bo’en. As Lanni collapsed by her father, Kuurahn searched the re-activated computer systems for logs and audio files.

The logs confirm Vulgrim’s suspicions, the Venturer was logged as missing 5 years prior to the facility being cut off and the researchers killed. However the team have no idea how long it has been since the facility was taken still.

Kuurahn then played an audio file taken on the day of Bo’en death. Bo’en is heard to be making a log to the computer. Since Lanni and the Venturer’s disappearance Bo’en has seemingly been turning all of the facility’s capabilities to penetrating the Veil in the hopes of finding Lanni. Bo’en is cut off however by the invasion of the facility by a military group lead by an unnamed leader. After the leader of the group threatens to shut down the facility Bo’en is murdered after refusing to leave the facility.

The leader of the facility then proceeded to leave the researchers inside the facility and then cut the power, allowing the researchers to suffocate and the facility to die.

As the group leaves the facility Kuurahn downloads all the log and data he can from the facility’s computer and Lanni, eventuallly, leaves, taking Bo’en’s chainsword with her and letting the power to the facility go out again.

After returning to the Venturer the crew set up a planet searching program within the ship’s sensory arrays in order to passively search for a planet that fits the Mant’s criteria for life. The crew also attempted to contact the Hand of the Emperor in order to regroup with the ship and ascertain the amount of time that had passed since entering the Veil.

However, no answer is received from the Hand. Callidon makes the call to not tell the crew that time has moved on at least 5 years since they were last at Kirtin. Instead he focuses on calming the crew, in which he is successful.

The Venturer began to set off for Ritammeron in order to restock both the ship and the crew. During the trip Octavious looked after the crew bringing them reassurance after their terrible ordeal and Kuurahn began to get used to the ship.

Vulgrim offered to train Lanni in swordsmanship in order to weld her father’s chainsword. Both Vulgrim and Lanni showed themselves to be equal matches, Lanni’s surprisingly honed raw talent matched well with the experience and training of Vulgrim. Throughout the journey Lanni has been training with both practice and the chainsword without breaks.

Mordechai spent the journey painting only being faintly aware that he is painting images of the Veil and that the Mant and their way of thinking is manifest in strange, almost xenos artwork.

On one dark night on the ship Callidon goes to Octavius in the Venturer’s cells where he has set up an office of his own. Octavius uses the 6 remaining mutineers to teach Callidon some of the finer points of being a missionary. Whilst the prisoners don’t last long, they are at least instructive to Callidon.

Octavius then allows Callidon to take the lead with the leader of the muntineers. The session takes hours. At length, the leader gives in. However Callidon intentionally makes his death truly gruesome, for which he is admonished by Octavius.

At last the team arrive in Ritammeron. They are greeted by a planet surrounded by heavily armed military grade ships in orbit around the planet. The ships turn towards the Venturer as soon as it exits the warp.

Perhaps Ritammeron is not as safe as it has been once before.



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