Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

The Terror of the Xenos


In spite of the increasing darkness the team continued and came across a wide clearing in the jungle. The jungle here seemed unnaturally quiet. The team was able to discover a passage below the bush in the area to an old cave. Inside the cave was Senisa and the remaining members of the tribe that she had been working with.

They recalled how the tribe was suddenly beset by huge xenos beasts and that they were pinned down where they are. It was then that the xenos attacked the party. Blur identified the xenos species as the Terrorax which were not indigenous to Ritammeron. Callidon called in for Tobias Kain to pick them up where they were instead of travelling back to the aquila lander. Blur then defied orders and abandoned the team to race towards the lander to salvage it.

The team fought a tense battle with the cunning and well camouflaged Terrorax but were eventually successful in extracting themselves and most of the tribe’s remaining people as well as Senisa into the gun-cutter. Vulgrim also cut off the arm of one Terrorax to take it with them.

The team then travelled back to Manfred von Burga to deliver Senisa and report back their findings.



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