Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

The Poisoned Dinner

Trail of the Terrorax

Callidon managed to calm things down with von Burga and Blur did not end up throwing any grenades or burst out of the windows. The team went to bed with Callidon trying to tell off Blur. He didn’t succeed.

In the morning they decided to investigate Mersini. On the way to Mersini’s quarters Callidon noticed a small psychic signature coming from the back of von Burga’s quarters. Callidon, Mordechai and Felix went to help Mersini look through Yzer‘s documents whilst asking him questions about von Burga, Senisa and himself. Callidon then went to ask von Burga questions before returning the the group in Mersini’s offices. Unfortunately searching the papers didn’t turn up anything useful.

Meanwhile Blur and Vulgrim tried to talk to the guards. They started with the Elite Guards but got nowhere – the guards were not talkative. Then they went to the regular guard house and after producing some Amasec they were able to get the guards talking about shipments in and out of the mansion. Nothing strange however seemed to be going in and out of the mansion. The guards said that everything else on the planet went through the Warehouse District. Vulgrim also got completely drunk from a single glass of alcohol.

Blur then left and took Vulgrim back to the house, deposited him into the maids’ care and then went with the other’s to dinner.

At dinner all those present seemed to be poisoned. Mersini and von Burga were rendered
unconscious and taken to their rooms whilst everyone else seemed to be able to fight off the poison – except for Mordechai. The team called for Heniel and Stone and various other members of their crew to join them on the planet.

Vulgrim then interrogated Senisa about the poisoning as she was the only one seemingly unaffected. At the same time Mordechai broke the mind of one of the maids and delved her memories. Senisa told them that she had no knowledge of the poison and that she added some tribal spices to the food right before it was given to them.

The maid’s memories showed her cooking and tasting the food right up until the point where Senisa added the spices before serving the food to the team. The maid also gave up memories about cleaning von Burga’s bedroom and there being another side door in the room which is always locked.



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