Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

The Blood Captain

What Once Was

Whilst the team is pinned down by all the ordinance from the Blood Bullets Vulgrim steeled himself and ran through the gunfire to Mordechai’s position. Vulgrim then rushed to the bottom of one of the watch towers, attempting to get an angle of the gunner installations.

Mordechai focuses his mind and using his lately perfected telekinetic powers to forcefully grab one of the snipers on the tower and hold him tightly. The other sniper beside Mordechai’s victim stumbled back in terror causing him to fall from the gangway down next to Vulgrim. Mordechai then threw the ensnared sniper off of the tower to follow his fellow gang member.

Meanwhile one of the other Blood Bullets had snuck up on the wall next to the remaining team members. He was spotted by Kuurahn’s Servo Skull seconds before it was sniped out of the sky by one of the remaining snipers. Kuurahn managed to warn the warrior’s around him about the nearby gang member, but not in enough time to prevent himself and the Servitor from being next to the incoming grenade.

As the blast goes off Callidon almost effortlessly puts a bullet through one of the sniper’s skulls. The only remaining sniper in the towers is the one that took out Kuurahn’s servo skull.

Vulgrim and Octavius take their chances and run through the gun fire of the blood bullets, Vulgrim attacking the fallen but otherwise unbound sniper, Octavius running to the position of the grenade-throwing gang member. Vulgrim punches a hole through the chest of the sniper with his hellgun and Octavius toasts the grenader with his flamer.

Unfortunately as the grenader attempted to put out the flames licking his body the grenades inside of his vest ignited, setting them all off at once. Octavius was luckily just outside of the blast radius but was soon covered in a thick smog from the gang member’s smoke grenades.

Mordechai, having brought the sniper to the ground, used his psychic abilities to firmly squeeze the life out of the sniper, crushing him into a bloody pile.

Finally, with the way clear of Blood Bullets, Vulgrim charged the stubber positions, getting close enough to encircle them, staying out of their firing arc.

Mordechai covered Vulgrim by grappling with the final sniper on the 2nd watch tower. However the sniper suddenly broke free of Mordechai’s power. However, seeing the tide of battle the sniper attempted to run from the tower as Kuurahn and the Saltu warriors gave chase.

Mordechai used more of their power in order to shoot the fleeing sniper with psychic energy, killing them and pushing them off of the tower. Kuurahn then descended upon the corpse, carefully beheading the sniper in order to craft a new servo skull from the remains of the person who destroyed the last one.

In the stillness after the battle the team took stock of their situation. Callidon was able to see that there were a number of people inhabiting the central watch tower of the facility and there were new objects in the vehicle field behind it that were not there when the team arrived. Gang members were also spotted in and around all the vehicles on the field, tinkering with them and dismantling some.

Callidon cautions von Burga to stay behind with some of the Saltu warriors with Flaminis and the rest coming with them to investigate the tower.

After searing through the metal door to the interior of the facility the team hurry up to the top of the control tower. As they approach they begin to hear the sound of the gang from their position on the staircase.

However they are also heard by the leader of the Blood Bullets Tolica Neta and are invited to join them at the top of the tower. From there the team can see that their staff and a number of facility personnel have been captured.

Finally, as Tolica begins to talk with the team, she identifies Callidon as being either a Benetek or a Lokistri.



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