Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

Sinking like a Fleshy Stone

Behind the Veil

After patching themselves up the best they could the team flew on towards their mountain destination. Upon arriving at the mysterious mountain that only Mordechai seemed unable to see the group decided to test whether the mountain was real or an illusion. Vulgrim used the gun-cutter’s guns to see whether the ordinance would impact with the mountain’s side, and to practise his writing skills.

The rounds did impact with the mountain but Mordechai was still unable to see it. However as the dust from the mountain side blew away from the rock and floated away from the mountain Mordechai was able to spot it, appearing as if from nowhere. From this the team realized that there was some kind of barrier or shell around the entire mountain that was preventing Mordechai from perceiving it.

Whilst surveying the mountain the group saw a prominent opening in the base of the mountain and landed to investigate it. Callidon and Mordechai stayed behind on the landed ships whilst the away team, made up of Vulgrim, Kuurahn, Octavius and Callidon’s Servitor, descended into the caves. As the team crossed the threshold of the mountain’s barrier Mordechai became unable to perceive them as well.

Shortly after entering the cave it became clear to the away team and the lander team that comm-bead communication had become blocked by the barrier.

The away team continued into the cave system. As they went deeper the cave began to split in multiple directions, lit only by the light of Kuurahn’s Servo Skull. The team came across a deep chasm blocking one their paths. The team decided not to attempt the dangerous vault over the gap and continue down another direction.

The team realized that their chosen path was desperately unstable, perhaps in part due to the new “V” on the side of the mountain. Fortunately the team sustained little injury passing through as the servitor was the only member unlucky enough to cause a localized cave-in. Less fortunate were the crew military sent to dig the servitor out as one of them caused another group of rock to fall, killing him instantly.

Once past the unstable section of the caves the group encountered a underground pool. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding of commands, the servitor walked straight through the shallow area of the pool and plummeted straight down to the bottom of the pool. Whilst the team tried to find a way to help the servitor out of the water Kuurahn also slipped in, which was a more troubling problem as Kuurahn could actually drown.

With the servitor’s help the team managed pull Kuurahn out of the water, but it became clear that the servitor itself would take much longer to climb out due to its bulk and weight. The team had also noticed ripples on the otherwise still water coming from a far off area of the pond, whose source had been travelling closer slowly over time.

Instead of waiting for the servitor to climb out Vulgrim commanded it to walk around the walls of the bottom of the pool and find its way to the other side. Unfortunately whilst it travelled to the other side the servitor was waylaid by an unseen obstacle and the team lost contact with it.

After waiting for 10 minutes to see whether it would emerge from the depths the away team turned around and walked back out of the mountain to report the loss of the servitor to Callidon and their investigation into the caves.

Callidon was not best pleased.

Whilst the team explained the situation in the cave to Callidon, Mordechai attempted to traverse the barrier through willpower alone. Unfortunately the strength of wrongness coming from the barrier was too much for Mordechai alone. The desire to turn around and flee from the barrier was even enough for Mordechai to physically overpower Vulgrim as he attempted to force Mordechai through.

However with the dubious charm of Octavius and the more helpful goading of Callidon, Mordechai was successful in his second attempt to travel through the barrier. Upon moving through the barrier Mordechai was finally able to see the mountain as the others were able to. It also became clear to the group that the corruption of the closed area of space was removed or lessened whilst within the barrier protecting the mountain.

The team travelled through the caves together from then on. When the group came to the chasm the away team encountered before Mordechai was able to discern that across the gap there was a weak and strange area of the cave walls. However the team decided to attempt to find Callidon’s servitor before crossing it and so walked into the unstable area of the cave again.

Whilst the servitor was not there to collapse the cave, its master Callidon, was more than capable of doing the same. Thanks to Callidon’s personal force-shield he was unharmed and was quickly rescued from the falling rocks. However the path back to the landers was now blocked and with it the mechanic and military crew that the team had brought with them. The team was on their own.

Pressing onwards the team managed to return to the point where they lost the servitor. Callidon, with the help of Kuurahn, was able to find the servitor further back in the pool, and discern that it was currently being held underwater by something big and hostile.

Callidon then ordered Vulgrim to leave his gear behind and swim gently across the pool to the other side. Vulgrim did so and the Servo Skull accompanied him across the pool. They arrived on the other side untouched and explored the caves beyond. They found in the depths of the cave a large metal door inset into cave walls. Following the cave around further Vulgrim found himself within the unstable section of the caves, discovering another way around the pool. Unfortunately at the same time that Vulgrim passed through the tunnel he caused yet another cave in sealing the newly found path.

After returning, still wet, to the group Vulgrim described the now blocked path around the pool. Callidon, still wishing to rescue his trapped servitor (to save money and face), commanded Vulgrim to again swim out, this time towards the churning waters where the servitor seemed to be in battle with whatever had snatched it.

Vulgrim again swam across the waters safely and discovered another path leading from the far side of the pool up into a tunnel. At the end of that tunnel he discovered a weak area of the rock wall and decided to push against it. With his mighty strength he caved in the wall and found himself in a worked stone room, clearly originally built by intelligent beings.

The walls were partially covered in an alien moss, which on closer inspection showed signs of ancient cut marks, regrown over time. On the floor of the room lay a number of desiccated and seemingly ancient insectoid creatures.

Returning to the far side of the lake Vulgrim watched as the rest of the team made the wet crossing over the pool. Octavius and Kuurahan made it across safely. However both Mordechai and Callidon were swiped at by a large creature from under the water. Once the team was safely on the shore, Kurrahn used his shock staff to electrify the water. The servitor was able to break free of whatever held it and the team could see the ripples on the water move away from the bank.

At length the servitor was able to pull itself out of the water and was reunited with the team. Badly damaged, Callidon ordered Kuurahn to attempt to fix what he could of the servitor and gain as much knowledge about the beast that had held it from its memory circuits. The creature was revealed to be a great serpentine insectoid that had wrapped its body around the servitor and dragged it away. They had remained entangled, fighting each other until the servitor was rescued.

With the team back together they entered into the room that Vulgrim had discovered and began to investigate it. The first thing they noticed was that the door to the room was locked, but from their side…



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