Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

Into the Dark Wing

The Glittering Halls

After taking Candice Papillo to the armoury the team decided to look for Lucitina Ntharis around the mansion in the hopes of reclaiming the lost goblets. Luckily they managed to find her in the Main Hall looking over the dead Sarvus Ketrigan. The team began to sneak up and surround her when she noticed their approach. The team also noticed Mordechai coming into the Main Hall from outside after running around the hallways. Unfortunately he had alerted the beast which chased him into the hall as well.

After a brief battle the team managed to escape the beast but lost Lucitina as she escaped into the building. She was found hiding in a storage room. With the wounds sustained to her in their last meeting and Callidon’s threats she gave herself up.

She revealed herself to be a famous thief by the name of Rapture Creed who had disguised
herself as the daughter of a planet governor to raid the house. She gave the team back the goblet she had stolen and joined with the team to guide them through the mansion so the team could keep an eye on her.

Both stolen goblets were replaced and activated in the Main Hall and Dining Room. The team then set out to find the next two goblets.

They discovered a guarded wing of the mansion that only Malcore Carnius was able to enter. Within they found cages filled with mutated humans. Whilst Callidon wished to kill them at the sight of their forms the team decided to relent and left them there for the moment.

Further into the wing they found hundreds of mutilated human corpses and a number of stronger, more bestial mutants which attacked on sight. The team was able to dispatch these mutants, but not without suffering mentally from the horrific forms of their assailants.



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