Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

Gun-cutters are Hard to Fly

Behind the Veil

After the team rested and reformed they tentatively approached the underground lake that they traversed on their way into the sanctuary. Kuurahn was able to smoke out the corrupted Mant guardian by electrifying the water and after a short battle the creature was put down.

Towards the back of the party Venhoa watched the destruction of what had been once a friend. Seeing the distress beneath the Mant guardian’s impassive features, Mordechai consoled Venhoa for a few moments by taking his hand.

Meanwhile Kuurahn and Callidon hatched a plan to guide the servitor through the lake safely. Kuurahn flew his servo-skull above the lake, guiding the mechanical death-machine to the other side.

The team then began the watery crossing themselves. In order to get across the group swam, except for Octavius, who instead was ordered to get up upon Venhoa’s shoulders – regardless for his distaste for the Xenos.

Once clear of the water the team began to hear voices from further down the tunnel. During the time that the team were in the sanctuary the small away team of the Stalwart Venturer had managed to clear away enough of the fallen debris to allow access out of the caves.

Whilst the tunnel was still unstable the team managed to pass unhindered and did not trigger another full cave in of the tunnel.

After reaching the away team they were escorted back to the planet’s surface, but not before warning the crew about the Mant and finding out that, according to the away team that the explorers had been gone seemingly for a whole day, rather than the hours the explorer’s experienced.

There was more shock once the team exited the mountain and rejoined with the gun-cutter and aquila lander. After stowing away the eggs and Mant on the gun-cutter, Callidon tried to contact the Stalwart Venturer. A ragged sounding Felix answered and told the team that they had been in orbit for over a week whilst the team had been on the planet’s surface.

Worse yet, their additional time in the system, coupled with their increased exposure to the Veil whilst in the void, has resulted in a dramatic shift in the crew’s morale, health and sanity. Whilst there hasn’t been a mutiny on board the ship yet, Felix feels like it will only be a matter of time before the crew, driven mad by fear or the Veil, turns on itself.

Callidon then explained that their team knew of a way to get the Venturer out of this mess thanks to a deal struck with the surviving Xenos of the planet. Whilst Felix seemed taken aback by this he admitted that getting them out of the Veil was their primary concern at that point.

As Callidon was beginning to get into more detail about their excursion Kuurahn managed to detect incoming hostiles heading towards their ships, which were beginning to fly up towards the Venturer to dock. Thanks to their early detection of the threat the team were able to scramble a defence as four Corrupted Many-Lived flew straight towards them.

The ensuing battled turned nasty as the Many-Lived attempted to latch onto and destroy the larger gun-cutter, forcing it into a nose dive towards the planet’s surface, the crew unable to pull the craft out of its descent.

Fortunately the aquila lander was able to maneuver behind the gun-cutter, covering its rear from the Mant’s attacks.

Eventually the Mant were blown out of the sky and the gun-cutter regained its lift. The team briefly discussed their original plan to board the Venturer before flying to the ruined Mant city and the main power source of the Veil. The team decided to instead fly directly to the city ruins, eggs in tow, in order to deal with the Veil as quickly as possible, and hope that the crew the Venturer and Felix remain sane enough to leave it.



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