Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

Exploring the Jungle


Upon travelling to the mountainous jungle area that Senisa was sent to the team choose a landing spot in one of the clearings and started to explore the area. Blur set off on her own using her scout bike whist the rest of the team start to explore as well.

The on-foot team found a number of primates watching them from the trees whilst Blur encountered a stampede of wild boars. Fortunately before being trampled the team was able to turn or kill all of the beasts. The primates were pretty upset from all the fighting. They were even more annoyed when the team tried to shake them out of the trees.

Blur set off again by herself and was attacked by some very aggressive hornets and rusted and destroyed servitors that had somehow become stuck in the jungle. However she turned back and drove through these obstacles again in order to come to the aid of the on-foot team that had become ensnared in a carnivorous and seductive plant.

The team then stayed together and found a clearing with interesting large cats within it. Their coats were well camouflaged and seemed to shift and blend into the background of the bush at will. However as the team decided to attack or approach the cats the adult versions of the cats attacked. Some of the cats managed to escape but three of the adults were killed, two of which with minimal damage to the fur.

The team stopped to rest and cooked and ate some of the cat meat from their hunt as evening set in.



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