Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

Discovery of The Righteous Path

Into the Maw

After their ship was repaired and the team was ready The Stalwart Venturer set off towards Magoros in the hopes of reaching the system before Hadarak Fel. Due to the Navis Prima the crew’s passage to the system was unmarred by events.

Once the team entered the Magoros system they scanned the system for clues as to the location of The Righteous Path. There was no sign of Hadarak in the system.

Eventually the team came across a strange structure inhabiting a huge set of maze-like ruins. On their way to the structure the team fell foul of a roving band of Orks. The team defended themselves admirably, grenades to Felix’s face notwithstanding, and continued on into the structure.

The structure was clearly a xenos creation, unsettling and grand, as if standing in a sea of lights. The air was alive with images spinning and dancing around the team’s heads depicting areas of Magoros which seemed to show not only the present but the past. Callidon volunteered to attempt to sort through the images in order to find clues about the Path’s location and managed to find it sealed away in the system’s icy asteroid belt.



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