Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

Bargains, Mind Traps and Eggs

Behind the Veil

The negotiation between the team and Most-Lived continued. As the terms began to be laid out the Most-Lived told the team that they created the Veil in order to protect their race from “The Great Eater”, a force so terrible to the Mant that it is difficult for them to describe, even to Mordechai. What little they were able to show Mordechai was a vision of a planet overrun by shadows, shadows with eyes. From the shadows came Mant bodies seemingly puppeteered by the shadow and creatures made of nothing but shadow come to life.

The terms of the Mant bargain were explained thus:

  1. The team will provide safe transportation for a set of Mant eggs from their Sanctuary to the Stalwart Venturer.
  2. The team will provide protection for the eggs from both their crew and external threats until a suitable, uninhabited planet is found for the eggs.
  3. The team will transport the eggs safely onto the planet’s surface and ensure that the eggs hatch unmolested.
  4. The team will then depart the planet and only return at the behest of the new Mant civilization.
  5. The team are required to protect the Mant and their new homeworld from attackers until the Mant can defend themselves.
  6. A representative of the team is required to take on a mind trap in order to keep the team to their word.

In return the team gain the following information:

  • Any desired information on the current Mant and their homeworld.
  • Directions to and the way to dispell the Veil
  • Access to the Mant’s sanctuary and resources on this planet as needed.
  • Upon completion of their task, access to the new Mant as potential allies and trading partners for technology and other goods with an instant good reputation with them as their saviour.
  • Removal of the mind trap once deemed appropriate by the new Mant

After the team accepted these terms Mordechai offered to undergo the mind trap. Once completed the Most-Lived explained that the Mant created not only the Veil but also the entire system that the Veil surrounds. The planets in the system are placed such that they work together in order to keep the Veil stable. The planet that the crew are current on is the main power source and centre of the Veil system.

However, over the millennia, the mechanisms or alignment of the planets shifted imperceptibly and caused the corrupting influence of the warp to exit the Veil itself and slowly flood the system beneath it.

Once the Mant realised that they were becoming corrupted they fled into the Sanctuaries on the planet that prevented the corruption of the warp from touching the remnants of their race. That prevention however was not permanent and the corruption is travelling further and further into the Sanctuaries with each passing decade.

There is only one safe way to dispel the Veil, at its main power source. The main power source lies towards the centre of the planet and its entrance is within the ruined city of the Mant. The team must go and find this entrance, travel to the power source and shut it down. They will require great knowledge of the Mant and technology in order to stop the power source.

Once the Veil is dispelled the barriers over the Sanctuaries will also dissipate, leading to the likely extermination of the Mant as the Corrupted are drawn to their strong psychic presences like moths to a flame. That is why the Mant require eggs (which have only limited psychic signals) to be taken to the Stalwart Venturer first.

After receiving this information from the Many-Lived the team, and the Mant, began to make preparations to leave the Sanctuary the way the team entered – braving the swarming corrupted Mant again.

As the team left the main chamber the Many-Lived broadcasted the plan to all the Mant in the Sanctuary and advised the team that both the Veil and warp storms of any kind can have strange affects on the flow of time.

Finally the team set off through the tunnels of the outer sanctuary again, this time with a train of egg containers and three Mant warriors to support them.

The team opted to go out of the Sanctuary the way they entered. Whilst the size of the egg containers made it difficult to move fast down the corridors the team and Venhoa eventually made it through the winding passages.

However during this passage the corrupted swarms came in to attack them again. Two of the Mant Warriors used themselves as a distraction to bide time for the team to get through. Even with this distraction the team had to face many of the little insects ambushing them from the ceiling and walls. Fortunately the insects were ineffective and were easily dispatched or fought back.

However in the final moments of their trek through the passages one single insect managed to leap onto the face of Octavius – the team’s most critically damaged member. In a cold and calculated motion Callidon shot the insect off of Octavius face without harming him.

At the same time Vulgrim unleashed a torrent of bullets against the swarm of insects following the team, killing them all.

With the eggs undamaged, and the insects currently gone, the team has briefly stopped at the exit to the outer sanctuary, catching their breath before facing their traversal of the underground lake and, hopefully, passage back to the surface of the planet.



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