Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

Attack From Thin Air

What Once Was

The team quickly finish off the last of the snipers and prepare themselves to face the new incoming group.

Octavius and Kuurahn are able to get eyes on the group and are able to discern that they aren’t Blood Bullets. Whilst Octavius attempted to determine the group’s faction the team spread out to intercept the group. Vulgrim snuck around and flanked the group whilst Octavius greeted the warriors as they approached. However Octavius’ greeting only put the warriors on end.

As the group met the team they called out asking whether Mordechai was with them. Mordechai and Callidon realizes that these warriors are the grown up versions of the jungle youths that the team saved in The Terror of the Xenos and Mordechai subsequently switched bodies with. However one of the youths is missing from the group.

After talking with the group they leave with them in order to follow them to their base of operations.

During their transit time Callidon explained the background between the team, the youths, Manfred von Burga and Senisa.

After two hours the team arrived at a hidden ancient temple deep within the newly grown jungle. Within the temple the team were reunited with their now exiled benefactor von Burga. von Burga explained the progressive erosion of his influence over Ritammeron and his eventual removal by Lord Nathaniel Burne.

von Burga explained that instead of going quietly into retirement (expecting it to end with his assassination) he decided to hide himself and his remaining followers within the boundaries of Astraeus, the last place on Ritammeron that Lord Burne has little legal power over.

However with von Burga’s departure Lord Burne has fully taken control of Ritammeron, the planet, the city and its external colonies / facilities. Whilst Lord Burne cannot control Astraeus he has choked its growth and prosperity as much as possible, turning it into a lawless, destitute colony.

von Burga also introduced the grown man who was once body-swapped with Mordechai, as Flaminis. Flaminis seems to have awakened to, or developed, a small amount of physic abilities thanks to his encounter with Mordechai. Flaminis has become the leader of the remaining warriors, known as the Saltu, and has been using his abilities to keep them and von Burga safe over their years of exile.

Unfortunately for the group Kuurahn makes a number of tactless comments about the Saltu, putting them ill at ease. However Kuurahn soon set about fixing up Callidon’s Servitor whilst von Burga explained the situation.

In the end von Burga suggested that Lord Burne is most likely linked to the Circle of Knives, in particular Mersini Lokinnox as he has an axe to grind with von Burga and the team. He also suggested that the team leave Astraeus as soon as possible to get themselves clear of Lord Burne, with the potential for lancing Ritammeron city on the way out to cleanse Ritammeron of his destructive and exploitative nature.

Meanwhile Mordechai sends a message back to The Stalwart Venturer telling them to hold tight, don’t let people onto the ship and not to trust Lord Burne. He also tells them to keep an eye on the spaceport and to contact them if Ritammeron attempts to hail the ship.

At that moment, from thin air, the team, von Burga and the Saltu came under attack. Their attackers were assassins specially equiped in order to render themselves almost invisible to the naked eye and sensors. The assassins attacked, intent on killing the team and the Saltu and reaching von Burga.

In the fight that followed Mordechai used his psychic powers in order to terrify some of the assassins. Two of the assassins began screaming and were helpless against both Mordechai and Vulgrim.

The fight developed into a cat and mouse game, the assassins coming out of the air to attack and then disappearing again just as quickly.

One of the Saltu warriors, noticing an incoming attack on Mordechai stepped in front of him and began an exceptional dual against the assassin, parrying the blow, attacking back, being parried by the assassin themselves culminating in the destruction of the Saltu warrior’s weaponry.

Meanwhile Vulgrim violently rendered the leg from another assassin using his whip.

Throughout the encounter Kuurahn desperately searched for traces of the assassins using his internal sensors, but to no avail.

Mordechai finally hears the running of the final assassin heading directly towards von Burga and takes a swipe with his sword, cutting only through the air.

Finally Callidon puts down the final assassin, just outside of the range of Octavius’ flame thrower as the missionary attempted to smoke the attackers out.

In the end the four assassins were taken care of. However one of the Saltu was killed in their initial attack. Whilst the Saltu begin to grieve for their fallen member Callidon begins to talk to von Burga about the attackers whilst Mordechai and Kuurahn begin to peel back the layers surrounding the assassins to discover their true nature.



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