Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

A Meeting of Minds

Trail of the Terrorax

The team returned to mansion where they were happily received by Manfred von Burga. von Burga, Senisa and Mersini were told about the events in the jungle and the Terrorax. von Burga immediately ordered the jungle area fire-bombed to be sure that the Terrorax would be destroyed. He then asked the team to help Mersini with his investigations into how the Terrorax came to Ritammeron.

The team were suspicious as well and agreed whilst splitting up to snoop around the mansion.

Blur eventually joined the team during dinner.

Mersini and the team went to the Harbour Master Yzer and collected documents on all of the shipments that had recently entered Ritammeon. Mersini left the team to study these documents in his study.

Callidon and Felix distracted von Burga whilst the others tried to break into Senisa’s quarters but they were caught. Callidon managed to smooth it over.

Later on Vulgrim, Mordechai and Blur tried to get one of the kids away from Senisa so that they could psychically persuade the kids to like them and answer their questions. Unfortunately this didn’t work and Mordechai and one of the children ended up swapping minds causing a huge commotion in the process. von Burga ended up threatening the group with house arrest which Blur reacted badly to.



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