Melee Combat

If an attacking Character is adjacent to his target, both the Character and his target are considered to be engaged in melee.

Ballistic Skill Tests made to hit a target engaged in melee, including those within the melee combat themselves, are Hard (–20). If one or more Characters engaged in the melee is Stunned, Helpless, or Unaware, this penalty is ignored.

When a character makes a ranged attack against a target that is two metres away or closer, that target is at Point Blank Range. Ballistic Skill Tests made to attack a target at Point Blank Range are Easy (+30). This bonus does not apply when the attacker and the target are engaged in melee combat with each other.

Pistol weapons are the exception to these rules. They still take the penalty for firing into combat from outside that engagement. However since they are fired one-handed they can be used in close combat. However, when a pistol is used in close combat, the firer gains no bonuses or penalties to hit for range or targeting equipment. Pistols with the Scatter quality fired in melee are considered to be firing at Point-Blank range. However, they do not gain a +30% bonus for being at Point-Blank range.

Melee Combat

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