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The Charnel Stars
Kirtin Research Facility
Port Wander
The Righteous Path

Xenos Races

The Mant


Astrianna’s Pendant from Into the Maw
Graviton Gun from Into the Maw

Blue-Bladed Knife from Adventures in Footfall

Metal Staff from The Glittering Halls

Cat Skins from Ritammeron
Terrorax Claw from Ritammeron

Contract of Favour (Ritammeron) from Trail of the Terrorax
Mersini’s Longsword from Trail of the Terrorax
White-Bladed Knife from Trail of the Terrorax
Psycrystal Charm from Trail of the Terrorax

Data Logs

Kirtin Facility Audio Transcript

Mechanics and House Rules

Elite Advances
Flamer Weapon Attack
Map Making
Melee Combat

Main Page

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