Magoros is one of hundreds of systems visited, catalogued, and passed over by explorers of the Expanse. Since the time of Winterscale himself, it has remained mostly unexplored or unexploited. This is largely in part to the fact that there is little of immediate interest to Rogue Traders—from its sun-blasted worlds to its frozen reaches there remains only a smattering of looted ruins and planets ill-suited for colonisation. However, unknown to those that have come before, Magoros hides a valuable secret: the resting place of The Righteous Path.

The principal celestial bodies of the Magoros system are:

  • The Flickering Eye: Magoros’ star is a flickering pulsar whose death throws bathe the system in hard radiation. Ships crossing the system must contend with its periodic flashes that blind sensors and hammer void shields.
  • Magoros Minor: A sun scorched world closest to the star and scoured clean of life by its fiery breath. Though devoid of life, it is a world which holds secrets worth investigating on its fire blackened surface.
  • Magoros Prime: A dust choked graveyard littered with the alien ruins of the Egarian Dominion and home to the gargantuan and arcane structure of xenos creation.
  • Magoros Secondus: An icy jungle moon covered in frozen spore-towers and cloaked in a toxic fog. Once long ago settled by the Egarian Dominion, its forested depths still hide evidence of their ancient empire.
  • The Shard Halo: The vast asteroid field billions of kilometres in length scattered across the outer reaches of the system. Hidden among these broken icy shards, the Explorers will find the wreck of The Righteous Path.


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