Kirtin Facility Audio Transcript

Log number 7665, Kirtin Research Facility. Lead researcher Bo’en.

My dearest Lanni. It’s been so long since I last saw you. I hope you are well. I hope you’re not… gone. You will return. I know it, as well as I know every inch of that cursed warp storm that took you.

My efforts to increase the strength of the hailing signal into the warp storm have been stalled by a lack of technological support from Ritammeron. Up until now von Burga has been helpful, even generous, with his contribution towards the discovery of the Stalwart Venturer. But the additional auger arrays, sensors and power supplies have dried up over the last few months.

We have instead been forced into the cannibalization of some of our own systems in order to boost the power. Some of our researchers protested, but most know better than to -

A door crashes open

Sounds of raised military shouts and yells

Get over there now! Now!

Another soldier:
Drop that weapon or we’ll shoot!

Further scuffling, shouting and yelling


Sharp, striding footsteps


Unknown (Snake-like voice):
Bo’en I presume? … You are Bo’en are you not?

… I am…

Excellent. You are in possession of a number of highly technological devices that belong to Ritammeron. These devices have been on loan to you for a number of years. However, this loan of equipment has yielded zero results from your… “facility”. Ritammeron has determined that your posting at Kirtin and the Kirtin facility itself is to be removed, effective immediately.

You and your researchers have exactly one hour to move any salient data from your systems and board our ship to Ritammeron.

Scuffling sound

No! You can’t do that! I need to remain here, my search… my research is incomplete!

Your “research” has cost Ritammeron much and delivered nothing Bo’en. I repeat, you will shut down the facility and leave with us immediately.

On whose orders?! Governor von Burga has always supported Kirtin wholeheartedly! Why has he changed his mind?!


Oh you missunderstand Bo’en! I am not here as a representative of von Burga. I am a representative of Ritammeron itself, of which von Burga no longer has any power over.

I am here to clean up von Burga’s mess, starting with his foolish attempts to pierce this warp storm.

Now. You will submit to my orders and be removed, or be removed forcibly.

What do you say Bo’en?

Snarling yell from Bo’en

A single shot from a gun

A pity… it seems none of these researchers… are really that smart.


Men… take the gear and stow it on the ship.

Shuffling and scraping

And add a log to our records to say … it was a pity that their live support systems had a terrible… technical failure… before we could reach them.

Bulk-head door seals

Panicked screaming

No! No! Let’s us out! Let us go!

Screaming devolves into coughing and wretching before cutting out

Kirtin Facility Audio Transcript

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