Flamer Weapon Attack

Because by thunder I will never learn these rules!

Flame weapons project a cone of flame out to the range of the weapon. Unlike other weapons, flamers have just one range, and when fired, cast fiery death out to this distance. The wielder does not need to Test Ballistic Skill; he simply fires the weapon.

All creatures in the flame’s path, a cone-shaped area extending in a 30 degree arc from the firer out to the weapon’s range, must make an Agility Test or be struck by the flames and take damage normally. If they take damage, they must succeed on a second Agility Test or be set on fire. Cover does not protect characters from attacks made by Flame weapons.

Normally when a weapon is fired without the appropriate Weapon Training Talent or a heavy weapon is fired without bracing, the wielder suffers a –20% or -30% penalty respectively to his Ballistic Skill Test. When a weapon with the flame quality is fired by a wielder who does not possess the appropriate Weapon Training Talent, anyone in the weapon’s area of effect gains a +20% bonus to his Agility Test to avoid damage. This bonus rises to +30% if the flame weapon is heavy and the wielder is not braced.

Because Flame weapons make no roll to hit, they are always considered to hit targets in the body, and will Jam if the firer rolls a 9 on his Damage dice (before adding any bonuses).

When Dodging an area effect weapon (such as a flamer), a successful Dodge Test moves the character to the edge of the area of effect, as long as it is no further away than the character’s Agility Bonus in metres. If the character would need to move further than this to avoid the attack then the Dodge Test automatically fails.

Flamer Weapon Attack

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