Elite Advances

Elite Advances are advances that your character would not normally be able to take and might be learnt through other means or a GM ruling.

For example, if your character is always on the hunt for information but will never be able to take advances in the Inquiry skill. Would I allow you to learn advances in the skill anyway?

It’s a “maybe but probably not”.

The benefit of having different career paths is that everyone should be good at something and stuff they aren’t good at should be covered, for the most part, by the others.

However there may be special circumstances for this or ways to get around this if you really want to play a character against its traditional strengths. I don’t want to stop any one playing their character the way they want to.

The easiest way to increase skills that you can’t explicitly choose is to pick the characteristic increase instead. Whilst more costly this will mean that all of your skills using that characteristic will get better. However this is useless if you want to learn an Advanced skill (like Lores etc.).

Other than increasing characteristics you will have to display a very good reason for wanting an Elite Advance – one that fits your character. I’ll try to accommodate you and, if it won’t ruin the balance of the game, typically I will allow the advance but at a much higher xp cost (to show that you’ve had to work against your predisposition to learn this skill).

In addition, or instead of the extra xp cost, I may require your character to spend a certain amount of time learning, experiencing and putting time towards their goal. You character may even need to perform tests or have a high enough characteristic to acquire the new skill. Even then they may not be able to use their skill in all situations.

Finally if I really don’t think your character should be able to get better at the skill then I will not allow you to take an Elite Advance, but will give you an in game assistance of some kind towards the specific problem you are having. It could be anything from a specialist item to an NPC. I’ll make it clear if this is the way I’m going to play it so you don’t spend your xp by mistake.


For example an Arch-Militant wants to learn Scholastic Lore(Chem-Use) so that they can investigate the mysterious chemical residues left behind by a beast they are hunting. Usually this character could never learn this skill and as an advanced skill can’t even make the check – thus rendering increasing the characteristic advances in INT pointless.

But the character has a background in chemicals and is willing to spend a great deal of time researching this particular chemical and spends a large amount of saved xp on this skill. Assuming that their INT is high enough I would allow them to gain this skill (but probably only allow its use under very specific circumstances).

Elite Advances

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