Contract of Favour (Ritammeron)

This contract was awarded to the team by Manfred von Burga for their help in rescuing Senisa from the Terrorax and for exposing Mersini Lokinnox as a Circle of Knives member.

The contract binds the Rogue Trader Felix Lokistri and his assets (namely his ship fleet and crew) to the following terms:

The benefits to Felix include:

  • The team’s PF increases by 5 as the contract declares to all that this Rogue Trader and his crew is respectable and effective in their endeavours and have received special regard from Ritammeron and its governor.
  • Allows freedom of travel to and from Ritammeron without being delayed by border military except under emergency circumstances.
  • Allows free docking at Ritammeron either in orbit on at surface ports.
  • The team is given a generous land area of Ritammeron’s surface of their choosing on which to build as they see fit.

The obligations from Felix include:

  • The Rogue Trader will make themselves available to hear requests for assistance from the governor of Ritammeron for the length of this contract.
  • Whilst mutual exchange of favours and tasks between the Rogue Trader and the governor are expected to occur the Rogue Trader has no obligation to complete any task requested of him from the governor if it does not align with the Rogue Trader’s goals.

Termination clauses:

  • There are no formalized termination clauses for this contract.

Contract of Favour (Ritammeron)

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