A colony on the planet of Ritammeron. Created as a result of the Contract of Favour Felix Lokistri was gifted from Manfred von Burga upon the team’s services to him and Ritammeron during the Trail of the Terrorax’s campaign.

In the 15 years that the Stalwart Venturer was trapped within the warp storm of The Charnel Stars the colony was built and bolstered under the eye of von Burga. Since the land had been cleared by the fire-bombing the colony was built on the jungle land in the mountains in which the team rescued Senisa.

However, since von Burga’s governorship was succeeded by Nathaniel Burne Astraeus has been left to fester without aid. It is a barely functioning starport surrounded by slums and shady merchants. Crime is rife throughout the colony and Ritammeron city makes no attempts to stop it beyond containment.


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