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  • The Terror of the Xenos

    In spite of the increasing darkness the team continued and came across a wide clearing in the jungle. The jungle here seemed unnaturally quiet. The team was able to discover a passage below the bush in the area to an old cave. Inside the cave was [[: …

  • Blur's Escape

    [[:blur | Blur]] managed to extract herself, her scout bike and the aquila lander safely from the jungle and arrived back at the mansion a number of hours after the rest of the team. The details of her exploits are known only to Blur.

  • The Mant

    h1. The Mant [[File:618178 | class=media-item-align-center | Mant.png]] The Mant are a Xenos race discovered by the team whilst trapped in [[The Charnel Stars | The Charnel Stars]]. The Mant are insectoid-like beings of high intelligence that have …

  • Terrorax

    First encountered in the remote jungles of Ritammeron. The team identified this xenos as a Terrorax, a species of alpha-predators originating in death worlds. These xenos are quiet and patient hunters that wait in silence in the canopies of jungle …

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