The first member of The Mant found by the team. Venhoa seems to be the sole remaining guardian on the outskirts of the Mant’s underground sanctuary. Hundreds of years old, Venhoa left his sealed chamber in order to save the team from the corrupted Mant creatures attacking them, helping to save Octavius’s life.

After saving the team, Venhoa provided them with food and eventually formed a psychic bond with Mordechai, allowing Mordechai to learn how to communicate with him and Venhoa with Mordechai. However in the process Mordechai and Venhoa now exhibit behavioural traits and thoughts belonging to those of the other’s race.

Venhoa, like all Mant, has psychic abilities and communicates primarily via telepathy. His abilities seem to centre around sealing areas away from the corrupted creatures in the mountain.



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