Rapture Creed


During The Glittering Halls gathering Rapture Creed entered the mansion under the guise of Lucitina Ntharis, the daughter of Ntharis’ governor. After slipping away from the crowd Rapture attempted to rob the mansion of expensive artifacts and relics, relying on her skills as a con-artist to make her way through the guests and guards.

After becoming trapped in the mansion with the rest of the guests the team were forced to find Rapture and take back some of the artifacts she had acquired in order to stop the warp beast.

Rapture alluded Blur a number of times with her acrobatic talents and speed. Eventually however the relics were regained and the beast defeated.

Rapture was allowed to remain unknown to the Inquisition and slipped away from the Carnius mansion after being wounded and helping the team.

Rapture Creed

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