Mersini Lokinnox


Mersini has been aid and chief of military staff on Ritammeron for Manfred von Burga for a number of years.

During the events of Trails of the Terrorax Mersini was revealed to have engineered a poisoning attempt designed to throw suspicion of the source of the Terrorax threat on the jungle onto Senisa. In the ensuing escape attempt from the mansion Mersini stabbed Senisa, killing her before exiting the mansion via speeder whilst covered by his loyal elite guards.

The team split up to defeat the guards loyal to Mersini remaining in the mansion whilst Blur sped after Mersini through Ritammeron. After an intense chase Mersini was forced to attempt to pilot his speeder over open water. Unfortunately for Mersini his speeder did not have enough power or speed to get across the wide river and he crashed his speeder sinking to the depths of the river.

Mersini managed to escape the sinking craft and was last seen diving under the waters and disappearing. His long sword was left behind in his speeder when he exited the craft.

During this time the mansion team also discovered that Mersini’s loyal guards were mentally conditioned making them loyal, close-mouthed and without personality. In the remnants of one of the guards minds the team were able to discover a link between their conditioning and The Circle of Knives.

Mersini Lokinnox

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