Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

Venhoa and The Mant

Behind the Veil

After escaping the swarms of small, vicious insects the team began to take stock of their surrounding and patch themselves up.

The room they found themselves in was well lit and completely covered in the moss growing throughout the tunnels of the underground facility.

As the team settled they attempted to communicate to the large insectoid creature that had helped them carry Octavius to safety. However due to the mental and physical differences between humans and this Xenos race, communication proved too difficult.

After offering the team some of the moss from the wall as food, the insect warrior and Mordechai agreed to perform a psychic rite to allow them to communicate. Mordechai and the warrior opened their minds to each other and exchanged information about each other’s races and experiences.

Meanwhile the rest of the team explored the small area and found another large metal door blocking their path. Whilst unable to pass the team did conclude that there was some degree of open space behind the door.

Once Mordechai and the insect warrior completed the rite they were finally able to communicate with each other successfully. The Xenos warrior introduced himself as Venhoa, a member of The Mant.

Venhoa proceeded to ask the team about the outside of the facility and whether they had come across others like himself. In turn the team asked Venhoa briefly about himself but pressed more about what force or voice had brought the team into the warp storm. Venhoa, however, was not forthcoming with answers saying that it was not his place to talk about it.

Eventually Venhoa led the team deeper into the mountain, past the large metal door. Beyond the door the tunnel lead deeper and deeper down into the mountain and eventually let out into a large underground cavern. Built up from the cavern’s bottom and down from its ceiling stood a large city structure.

As the team came closer it became clear that the city, or Sanctuary, was inhabited. Once the team reached an inner courtyard to the Sanctuary, Venhoa called forth its inhabitants. Hundreds of Mant of all types came to the courtyard, standing there, unnaturally still and silent.

Venhoa instructed a Mant that he would like to bring the team to the Most-Lived of the Sanctuary and whilst he and the team waited to be summoned Venhoa explained more about the Mant. Throughout these exchanges Venhoa was displaying clearly human behaviour and mannerisms.

Eventually the team was brought up and up through the city to the highest areas near the ceiling of the cavern. There, in a small but ornate chamber, the team met with the Many-Lived, communicating to the team directly through Venhoa’s mind. At times the presence of the Many-Lived had strange effects on the mind and behaviour of Mordechai. However he managed to keep his composure.

The Many-Lived seemed powerful and wise, if somewhat unconcerned with the team’s presences in the sanctuary. They acknowledged that the team had managed to reach their sanctuary and offered them leave to remain indefinitely to escape the corruption outside.

However they did ask the team about their means of arriving on the planet and their passage through what they termed “The Veil”. When the team was not forthcoming the Many-Lived turned to dismiss them from the chamber.

At that time the last of the Many-Lived approached the team and spoke to them, introducing itself as the Most-Lived of the Mant. The Most-Lived was more direct with the team and explained, in exchange for information about their spacecraft, that it was the Mant who created the warp storm or Veil in order to hide their race from a threat, tens of thousands of years ago. Over the millennia something within the Veil had caused the corruption of their world and race to occur, forcing them to seal themselves within their sanctuary.

However, with the appearance of the team and Venhoa, and the onset of the corruption further inside the mountain it seems that the Most-Lived is willing to make a deal with the team. They will show the team how to disband the Veil under the condition that the team take some of the Mant with them to another world.

But the details of the bargain are yet to be set. How will the team negotiate with an entire Xenos race? Especially when they are only “One-Lived”…



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