Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

The Traitor Revealed

Trail of the Terrorax

The team continued to search Mersini‘s room. Mordechai brought Callidon into von Burga’s room to show him the compartment in the the statue. The room was investigated stealthily but when trying to leave von Burga’s bed chambers Mordechai was caught as von Burga awoke.

Whilst the two were explaining themselves Senisa came into the room and related the actions of the team to von Burga. von Burga was angry at the group’s methods but, after being persuaded by Callidon, admitted that the methods may have been necessary.

Callidon asked von Burga questions about the planet’s punishments for bringing the xenos threat onto the planet and then showed the music box to von Burga. von Burga then explained to the team and Senisa about his sanctuary and the music box, that it was a tribute to a departed former lover and that the beacon was engineered to be incredibly weak so as to be safe against the creatures of the warp and to only act as a guide for the spirit of his departed love.

After this von Burga ordered Senisa to cooperate with the team, stay with them and keep an eye on their antics. The team then went back to Mersini’s room where they discovered in the large metal chest a series of documents describing troop movements on the planet. The team, by testing blood samples from Senisa, von Burga and Mersini that the poison’s antidote was given to the three in different doses all at the same time, with Senisa gaining full protection and von Burga and Mersini only half protection.

This lead the team to suspect Mersini of framing Senisa. Unfortunately as Senisa went to
confront Mersini she was attacked and killed by Mersini who had awoken in the next room. Mersini called on the Elite Guards to protect him as he made his escape. The mansion turned into a fierce battle culminating in Mersini exiting the grounds via land speeder, the team in combat with the guards and Blur face-planting on the ground after mistakenly leaping off a rooftop.



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