Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

The Staff and the Inqusition

The Glittering Halls

The team proceeded into the final room of the wing and found what must have been Malcore Carnius’s private room and study. They activated the goblet and then began to exit the wing. They were tipped off by the caged mutants that Candice Papillo was involved with their capture and transfer to the mansion.

The team headed towards the library, the last of the goblets to activate. They discovered a large growth of thorny and thick plants blocking the way to the room which the team started to clear manually. Meanwhile Vulgrim began to explore more of that area of the building and unfortunately found the beast. The team were successful however in safely entering the library.

Within the library they found a number of similarly cast goblets and had to determine which of the goblets was the correct one to activate. After searching the library the team came across a number of hidden books and parchments detailing Malcore’s discovering of an unknown xenos artifact from Cinerus Maleficum which seemed like “it had almost a mind of its own”. They also chronicle Malcore’s descent into madness and his experimentation on the people that the Papillos provided for him.

After activating the right goblet the team returned to the armoury to discover this artifact. The goblets pulled back the lid of the recess in the ground to show a rather ordinary looking metal staff. However upon Mordechai holding the staff it morphed in appearance growing in length and silver in colour and holding a number of gems at its head, colours flowing through the metal as its shaft gracefully twists and spirals.

The xenos staff draws power from the user when a psyker tries to bend its power to their command. The staff seemed to bend reality when used although damaging and draining to the user. However the staff seemed to abhor the beast that was brought from the warp and by merely being in its presence the beast’s restorative and protective powers were removed. The team were then finally able to destroy the beast.

After the fight concluded the Inquisition finally broke through into the mansion with Footfall’s planetary forces. These forces were under the command of Lor Inquisitor Vernetta Aversia and her sister Violette Aversia. All the remaining guests and staff were corralled in the main hall to await interrogation and questioning from the Inquisition.

The team told the Aversia sisters about everything that had transpired during the beast’s incursion. They spoke of the mutants and of Candice’s involvement with their creation. Vernetta immediately ordered the complete eradication of all the mutants and used her incredibly strong psychic powers to probe Candice’s mind to discover the truth.

Callidon then opted to hand over the xenos staff to the Inquisition. They were sceptical of its xenos roots however due to the fact that out of Mordechai’s hands it had since reverted to its original drab appearance.

The Inquisition was then satisfied with the team’s innocence in the events, or at least satisfied enough to allow the team to depart and return to their ship.

Rapture was allowed to remain unknown to the Inquisition by the team and slipped away from the Carnius mansion.



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