Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

One Village, Two Skirmishes

What Once Was

As the Blood Bullets caught up to the team Callidon ordered Kuurahn onto a stretcher and the team back to the start of the tunnel. As Octavius patched up the team Kuurahn woke up and the team explained their encounter to him.

Over the next 1/2 hour whilst the tunnel was fully excavated Kuurahn took the time to walk around the Blood Bullet’s camp. Meanwhile Callidon and Mordechai took the time to check for psychic entities and warp anomalies in the tunnel to be sure that the creature that attacked them was not part of a larger group. Kuurahn, after looking at Tolica Neta‘s mech suit joined Callidon and Mordechai at the tunnel’s edge and checked the rock for fractures or points of collapse. After the team was certain that the tunnel was safe from both physical and warp-based dangers the Blood Bullet’s convoy was ordered into the tunnel.

In the 2 hour journey to the other side the team rests.

Upon exiting the tunnel Callidon confirmed their expected exit matched their current location. Callidon, Octavius and Mordechai notice that there are lights in the distance, a settlement. Callidon also manages to spy something flying over the village.

The team settled down to camp for the night leaving Tolica to organize the Blood Bullets’ patrols and camp.

During the night however, Octavius attempted to speed up Kuurahn’s and Vulgrim’s healing, almost killing Kuurahn and wounding Vulgrim even more. It was a miracle that Kuurahn survived.

Callidon also sought out Tolica and asked her a number of questions about the Expanse since they entered the warp storm. Tolica reported that there had been a sharp increase in lawlessness throughout the Expanse that was stretching the navy and planetary police to the breaking point. Some of the far-flung colonies in the Expanse had been lost to piracy or unknown means in both the Accursed Demesne and Unbeholden Regions. Even within the most strongly held areas of the Expanse criminality and pirate attacks were on the rise.

In the morning the team planned out how to move on towards Ritammeron city. They could either attempt to avoid the settlement or make a point of going through it. In the end the team decided to send a small party to investigate the settlement without being seen. The team and Tolica drove down towards the village.

After getting closer to the village Vulgrim and Mordechai took the lead and stealthed their way to the walls of the buildings. The two were covered by Tolica and her sniper rifle, particularly trained on Mordechai.

Vulgrim makes excellent use of his camouflage coat and Mordechai managed to remaining perfectly stealthy as well. The two were able to confirm that the machines hovering above the village were gun drones. The village was a simple circular common surrounded by large buildings and storage facilities. There were about 50 people. Mordechai notices that the storage buildings are full and surmises that the village will likely be receiving a transportation convoy from Ritammeron shortly to take the produce to the city.

Vulgrim and Mordechai then headed back to the team to plan their next move. The team decided to encircle the village with the mech-suit and on-foot team, taking out the gun drones and hopefully damaging the village as little as possible.

At noon the attack begun. Mordechai was able to easily Force Bolt one of the gun drones out of the air. Vulgrim took down the second with the team receiving minimal damage.

However, turning back to the road Tolica and Callidon notice the Ritammeron convoy on its way. On command Vulgrim immediately went into crowd control mode, intimidating the populace into submissions and forcing them back into their homes.

The team then lay in way for the convoy to arrive, intending to take possession of it to make getting into Ritammeron easier.

The convoy arrived in the village unaware of what awaits them, the team catches them completely by surprise. Mordechai, attempted to disable the driver and passenger of the transport vehicle but was unable to stop them sending off a short message. The team don’t know what information was sent.

The guards sprung into defending themselves, one sub-group running to surround the source of the gunfire and running directly into the south team, Mordechai, Vulgrim and Kuurahn, who gunned them down point blank. Mordechai, Vulgrim and Callidon are able to recognise the guards as the same mentally conditioned guards that followed Mersini.

The north team of Octavius and Callidon are pinned by the guards under a furious assault. Callidon attempted to distract the guards by pushing an unfortunate village peasant out of the building into the crossfire. The villager scrambled to get back into the dubious safety of the building. However, the villager had given Callidon enough time to prepare his Lidless stare that decimated the troops firing on his position and exploding the unfortunate villager.

The south team however were pressured by the guards in their small area. With nowhere to go Kuurahn was taken out by a guard. Octavius by some miracle was able to stablize him but the fight rages on without either side having a clear advantage.



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