Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

Survivors in the Sand

Behind the Veil

Whilst flying towards one of the strange “invisible” mountains that the team had spotted surrounding the ruined alien city the team noticed a cone of smoke and flame rising from the desert. The smoke almost directly in the path of the gun-cutter and aquila lander.

As the team approached they recognised source of the smoke and fire from a downed ship, wrecked amongst the rocks and sand. Upon further study two survivors of the crash were found. The team landed and, with a portion of their military force, exited their crafts and met with the survivors.

The survivors were the missionary Octavius Perie and the explorator Kuurahn. As the two groups started to become acquainted with each other they were suddenly attacked from under the sand as large headless insectoids burst up to the surface.

Stone, who was attempting to salvage parts from the downed ship, was pinned and flanked by two of the creatures that almost tore him apart and caused him to vomit continuously in fear. It did not end well for the inside of his gas mask.

After the team fought off their surprise and fear they started to fight their way back towards the lander and gun-cutter, each step bringing with it the possibility of a new attack. However, despite the number of the creatures and their deadly maws the team were able to extract themselves safely from the situation, only losing a few military crew members in the process and decimating the creatures in the process.

In addition, thanks to Kurrahn’s in-built sensors, the team was able to destroy the more deadly insects lying in wait for the team before they even managed to surface.

Back within the relative safety of skies of the alien planet the new and expanded team catches their breath and attempts to recover some of their strength before this seemingly hostile planet puts them in peril again.



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