Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

Bugs, So Many Bugs

Behind the Veil

The team looked around the room. Its walls were worked and covered in green moss. The moss in places seemed to be damaged and scratched, the marks only just visible as the moss had overgrown them.

On the floor of the room were the corpses of two large insectoid creatures. The bodies were large, ancient and dusty.

Seeing that the room was locked from the inside Vulgrim attempted to shoot the door off its hinges. However he was unsuccessful. Instead Callidon’s combat servitor forcibly drove through the door, exploding it into pieces with a great clatter.

The team investigated the surrounding area, briefly examining a species of glowing plant affixed to the walls, coming to another locked door. Vulgrim this time shoved the door open and found himself in a long corridor, branching off to the left and travelling straight down into a dimly lit room.

As he entered the corridor a small insect with malformed features dropped down onto his chest. Through the chittering and crawling of the insect Vulgrim took out his Blue-Bladed Knife and expertly skewered the creature, killing it instantly.

The team progressed down the corridor with Octavius using his flamer to kill the concealed insects on the walls and ceilings. As they reached the end of the corridor the team discovered that the room was filled with eggs, the majority of which were already old and cracked open.

Whilst Octavius attempted to put down more of the little insects he was pounced on by a couple of the insects. After the team dispatched one of the bugs Mordechai made to grab the last remaining insect in his hands and then crush the insect in order to kill it. At this time Kuurahn attempted to stab at the insect in Mordechai’s hands but instead narrowly missed stabbing Mordechai himself. In the end Octavius snatched the insect out of Mordechai’s hands and squeezed it to a pulp.

The team then slowly made their way along the branching pathway and found themselves within a large chamber. The room was covered in moss and glowing plants and at its center was what seemed to be the remains of a pool with an insignia in carved metal placed within it. Unfortunately due to a boulder that had fallen into the pool from the ceiling the insignia was not recognisable.

Whilst the team began to explore the room and adjoining passages further they began to hear more chittering coming from the unexplored areas of the underground cavern. At the same time Mordechai was suddenly struck by the sensation of a psychic signal coming from deeper within the chambers.

Suddenly swarms of hundreds of the small insects started to strike at the doors leading to the main chamber that the team were in. The team formed up on the two entrances into the chamber and fought off the swarms admirably, spraying them with bullets and burning them with fire.

All this time Mordechai was still receiving mental “pings” from the other side of the large door leading from the chamber. Callidon however ordered Mordechai to ignore the messages, thinking that the source of that psychic power might be controlling the insects.

As they burned and died the swarms of insects desperately threw themselves at Octavius in between flamer blasts. As they swarmed Octavius, Vulgrim, without hesitating, pulled out his hellgun and, in a graceful but terrifying display of skill, shot and killed all the insects covering Octavius, without so much as grazing his team member.

With the battle nearing its end and the swarms seemingly under control, Mordechai chose to disobey Callidon’s order and signalled back to the psychic source. Immediately sounds began to come from the other side of the door, the scrapping and movement of heavy objects. As the battle raged on the door opened and Mordechai was pinged to bring the team into the passageway.

Whilst Octavius held down the remaining swarms with fire Vulgrim scouted to the door and beheld a huge red insectoid creature holding a huge spear within its hands. It stood, strong and upright and giant, behind the door of the chamber and looked impassively at Vulgrim before gesturing for the team to enter.

As Vulgrim and Kuurahn’s servo skull started to gingerly investigate the opened pathway, Octavius was suddenly overwhelmed by a last-ditch attack by the on-fire swarm. Heavily damaged from the attack he was covered head to foot in the remnants of the swarm and was himself set on fire. Even after the insects were destroyed the fires continued to burn Octavius and soon afterwards he succumbed to fatigue and collapsed.

At this the strange insectoid Xenos rushed from his position at the door he had opened for the team in order to help rescue Octavius.

The team then had to race to attempt to both save Octavius from being burned alive, and to prevent the flames from penetrating the fuel tank on his back. With a concentrated effort the team managed to remove the insects from Octavius and, with a great feat of strength, Mordechai was able to bodily throw Octavius’ limp form into the waters of the pool, putting out the flames.

As Octavius began to drown the team heard more chittering coming from all around them, becoming louder and louder. The Xenos warrior bodily picked up Octavius from the pool and gestured for the team to flee into the passageway it had come from.

After making it into the passageway the Xenos deposited Octavius onto the floor, shut the door to the large central chamber and barred the thick metal door with an equally thick metal bar. As the doors were barred the sounds of chittering and banging on the doors began, but the doors held.

As Callidon and Vulgrim set about stabilizing and giving first aid to Octavius the team found themselves locked in a room with a strange Xenos warrior, with a horde of creatures outside waiting for a chance to dispatch them.



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