Rogue Trader - The Koronus Expanse

An Invitation to Chaos

The Glittering Halls

Upon returning to Footfall the tales of the crew’s adventures began to spread throughout the people. Whilst the team relaxed and recovered from their ordeal they received a formal invitation from Malcore Carnius, the novator of navigator house Carnius, to a lavish party in their honour. Thinking that it would be a good opportunity to greet and make acquaintances with the guests at the gathering, and not insult them or the host, the team decided to go. All members of the team were required to go and leave any weapons with the guard upon entry or attempt to sneak them in.

After gaining entry to the mansion the team interacted with a number of the gathered guests.

  • Argent Aspira had learned that the team was responsible for the rescue of the crew of The Penitent Traveller for which she was thankful for. However she was less impressed with the suggestion that the team may have helped bring heretical texts into the Expanse.
  • Sun Xing tasked the team to discover the reason for an exotic plant’s distress. The team was reasonably unsuccessful in this task and Vulgrim did not particularly help by throwing food at the plant.
  • Callidon managed to spot a number of weapons hidden about the person of Julia Strophes. She was impressed when the team mentioned their acquisition of a Graviton Gun and she seemed open to the idea of a weapons trade of some sort in the future.
  • Morgan Volgt managed to embarrass the team somewhat in front of the nobles by pretending to be a flirtatious female whilst male.
  • Candice Papillo and Callidon danced very successfully together. After this she explained her background as heir to the Papillo merchant empire and also stated that she was currently residing in the mansion.
  • Bolovino Berta offered to gamble with the team but they refused. Callidon was tipped off by Bolovino that Lucitina Ntharis was not who she appeared to be.

During the later stages of this party Vulgrim and Mordechai were rendered indisposed by a heavy drinking contest with Josef. They were moved further into the mansion to recover by the staff.



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